Writing Homework Eight

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Eighth Homework
Instructor, Andy Schlafly

Once again, we still have not seen a perfect essay in this class (or in my prior class).

Write a flawless, well-structured essay of at least 1100 words on one or more of the following topics:

1. Mockery: is it the tool of the Devil (or peer pressure, temptation, anxiety, fear, etc.), or an effective tool to use against the Devil (or peer pressure, temptation, anxiety, fear, etc.), or both?

2. There is a rich history of public school students falling for hoaxes, such as the Piltdown Man and the Population Bomb. Describe some of your most (or least) favorite hoaxes.

3. Conservapedia began in our class in November 2006. What can you say about its history and future?

4. Whom should John McCain select as his Vice Presidential candidate, and why?

5. What makes an essay effective?

6. There is a suggestion to withdraw jurisdiction from federal courts over any claim brought by an illegal alien. Using The Supremacists and perhaps the recent Supreme Court decision in Medellin v. Texas, write an essay on that proposal.

7. Choose any essay topic used by the College Board for the SAT writing section. Sample essays are provided at http://www.collegeboard.com/student/testing/sat/prep_one/essay/pracStart.html .

8. Any comparable topic of your own choosing.