Two-tier system

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A two-tier system is where two different sets of standards or rules apply to different groups of people.

Two-tier justice system

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Beatty arrested for storming the Capitol.PNG Sheila Jackson Lee.PNG Hank Johnson arrested at 2021 Capitol insurrection.PNG

(left) Congressional Black Caucus vice chair Joyce Beatty,[1] (center) Sheila Jackson Lee,[2] (right) Hank Johnson[3] arrested in 2021 at the U.S. Capitol with a mob of insurrectionists. All were released the same day while Trump supporters were held for months in solitary confinement without bail or trial.[4]

A two-tier justice system denies equality of rights under the law to all citizens and grants special privileges and status to one group of people while denying equal protections and due process rights to another. Examples of a two-tiered justice system in America are:

Two-tier healthcare system

In a two-tier healthcare system, different rules, regulations, mandates, and requirements apply to different sets of citizens. For example in the United States, the Democrat-controlled Congress exempted themselves from the requirements of Obamacare imposed upon every citizen and employer in the country.[11]

Two-tier election system

All Dominion Voting Systems' machines include a “weighted race feature” to fractionalize votes whose only purpose is election fraud.[12] For example, the machine can be set to count a vote for Donald Trump as 0.7 of a vote while counting a vote for Joe Biden as 1.25 of a vote.[13]