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2016 presidential candidates on homosexuality

Candidate Position Comments
Ben Carson Homosexuality is a choice, not something someone is born with. The Supreme Court decision for same-sex "marriage" is illegitimate and he would not enforce it. Carson supports same-sex civil unions. There has been some concern about backpedaling. For example, in response to the 5-4 Supreme Court decision in Obergefell, Carson announced that homosexual "marriage" is "now the law of the land."[1]
Mike Huckabee As president, he would order the Executive Branch not to enforce the illegal Supreme Court decision in Obergefell. Huckabee has been the leader among all candidates in defending Kim Davis, the Christian clerk in Kentucky imprisoned for declining to authorize homosexual "marriage" licenses. Consistent and principled, Huckabee asked Ohio to file a petition for rehearing to overturn Obergefell.
Rick Santorum Long a leader against the homosexual agenda. Asked Ohio to file a petition for rehearing to overturn Obergefell.
Ted Cruz Although some of his campaigns have been financed in substantial part by pro-homosexual donors he strongly rejects same-sex "marriage".[2] Cruz is in favor of overturning Obergefell in order to let the states decide themselves about LGBT law.
Lindsey Graham wants the Republican Party to fully accept homosexual "marriage", and remove the opposition to it in the platform[3]
Rick Perry once strong against homosexual "marriage", Perry seems to be avoiding it now.
Jeb Bush accepts homosexual "marriage" and is staffed by multiple supporters of the homosexual agenda
Donald Trump Trump supports judicial supremacy to impose the homosexual agenda, as demonstrated by his refusal to defend Kim Davis. "The decision's been made, and that's the law of the land," he declared, apparently accepting the fallacy that courts can "make new law".[4] Separately, he has stated he is for traditional marriage[5] Trump's double-digit lead will evaporate as people realize that he seems to be, for all practical purposes, on the side of the homosexual agenda.
Rand Paul rejects same-sex "marriage" strongly
Marco Rubio A one time advocate for traditional marriage, he recorded robocalls for the National Organization for Marriage NOM dropped their support for Rubio after he stated, "While I disagree with this decision, we live in a republic and must abide by the law." [6]
Carly Fiorina
Bobby Jindal
Chris Christie signed into law a top priority of the homosexual agenda: banning conversion therapy for minors in New Jersey
Scott Walker accepts homosexual "marriage" for the time being, but supports banning openly gay Scout leaders because it has "protected children."[1] his donors are probably pro-homosexual agenda
John Kasich accepts homosexual "marriage" was affiliated with the sometimes pro-homosexual Fox News Channel
George Pataki supports homosexual "marriage"[7]


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