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AFB is a common military term referring to an Air Force base.

List of American Air Force Bases - Naval Air Stations - Radar Installations

  • Alabama: Primary: Gunter AFB (Montgomery), Maxwell AFB (Montgomery), Redstone arsenal (Huntsville).
  • Arkansas: Primary: Little Rock AFB (Titan missiles, area within a line connecting Shirley, Newport, Des Arc, Little Rock, Russellville, Nogo, back to Shirley), Blytheville AFB (SAC bombers). Secondary: Pine Bluff, West Memphis (Memphis, Tennessee). Tertiary: Fort Smith, Texarkana, and Little Rock

Colorado: Primary: Colorado Springs (NORAD HQ), Warren AFB Complex (Minuteman missiles, area within a line connecting Grover, Briggsdale, Fort Morgan, Sedgwick, and along state line to Grover again), Fort Carson. Secondary: Denver, Pueblo. Tertiary: Aurora, Boulder, Cheraw, Greeley, Pueblo-Boone area, Broomfield, Rocky Flats (target is 10 miles west of Sedalia).


Air Force Bases: A Likely Nuclear Target Structure

All American Air Forces bases likely have nuclear weapon capabilities making it them of the primary targets among the world's major nuclear target structures in a possible nuclear war.[1] Air force bases being a "first strike" nuclear war target are mostly due to missile silos, bomber bases and command and control (C2) centers. The enemy must neutralize these assets immediately to prevent or minimize American nuclear or other military retaliation.

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