Amazon Rainforest and Jair Bolsonaro

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Deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest between 1995 and 2021.

Brazilian President Jair Messias Bolsonaro is accused by the left and globalists of having being a threat for humanity, the world and nature for allegedly "killing" the Amazon Rainforest, called by them as the "lung of the planet". Leonardo Di Caprio and Emmanuel Macron being the most prominent propagandists against President Bolsonaro in this regard.

Bolsonaro defended the Amazon productive lands from this globalist invasion affirming that the Amazon is Brazil's heritage and not the lung of the planet and that he wants to "exploit it in a sustainable way". His main focus is to make Brazil non dependent from foreign fertilizers and food.

2019 fires

In 2019 there were fires on the Amazon , the mainstream media said it was because of Bolsonaro's presidency, but in reality the fires started in Evo Morales's Bolivia.[1][2] the worst records of fires in the country's Amazon forests took place under Lula da Silva 's government, but at the time there was no reproach against the government of the socialist leader. On the other hand, it has come to light that the bulk of the money dedicated, in theory, to conserve and protect the Amazon has ended up, in reality, in the salaries and per diems of the NGOs involved.[3] While journalists and leftist politicians talked about Bolsonaro and the fires in the Brazilian Amazon, the attention devoted to what is happening in the jungle and forests of Bolivia was practically marginal worldwide. All this despite the fact that the bulk of the fires that have reached Brazil came precisely from Bolivian soil, as accredited by the data offered by NASA. In the Bolivian case, the political implications of the fires are more than evident, since the government of the socialist Evo Morales approved last July 9 a decree allowing the burning of forests in the departments of Beni and Santa Cruz, the focus of the fires that ended up spreading to Brazil. The Bolivian government spoke of "controlled burnings" which, in practice, ended up being carried out without effective control by public institutions.[1][4]

NGOs and globalist interference

Bolsonaro also responsabiliced the Globalist NGOs for spreading fire to create a crisis against him saying "The Indians , do you want me to blame the Indians, do you want me to blame the Martians ...? Everyone is a suspect, but the biggest suspects are the NGOs. […] There may be, yes, and I am not asserting, a criminal action of these 'oenegeros' to draw attention against me, against the Brazilian government , and that is the war we are facing. […] The fire appeared in strategic places. There are images of the entire Amazon, from what everything indicates, there were those who went to film and make fire. That is my feeling" He removed all aid for them for representing foreign interests and not the Brazilian ones.[5]

French President Emmanuel Macron tweeted that the fires pose a serious international crisis to be discussed at this weekend's G7 summit in Biarritz. President Bolsonaro responded: "I think that President Macron seeks to take advantage of what is a domestic issue in Brazil and other Amazon countries for his political gain."

Brazilian sovereignty

President Jair Bolsonaro declared "The Amazon is Brazil's heritage, it is not the lung of the world. What we want for the state of Amazonas and for the forest is to exploit it in a sustainable way […] we want what is good about it (the forest) to serve us and humanity. We want to preserve the environment and marry it with progress. The Amazon can be exploited by all of us".[6][7] Bolsonaro opposes the globalist invasion of Brazilian productive lands. When mentioning the enormous biodiversity of the Amazon Rainforest and its natural riches, the president invited investors to get to know the Amazon. "You will not be burned".

Globalist repeat "The Amazon Rainforest Belongs To The Planet, Not Just Brazil".

The president said that the Indians want to reintegrate into society and that these are on the lands of large estates of natural wealth. About Roraima, Bolsonaro also said that the state's energy supply problem, which is dependent on thermoelectric plants, needs to be addressed. "We spend a lot per year for lack of a power transmission line," he said.

Bolsonaro defended his speech at the UN General Assembly and said that the moment was important to show that cacique Raoni no longer has the hegemony over the indigenous movement.[8]

Food Autarchy and Mineral extraction

Protected land areas of the Amazon rainforest are in green and purple, yellow, orange and red squares are mining projects.

President Bolsonaro also made clear his intention to extract resources from the region writing "With the war between Russia and Ukraine, we now run the risk of running out of potassium or of its price increasing", he has being criticized because legally a lot of lands in the region is considered "Indigenous land". In 2020 a draft law was introduced to allow government to permit the extraction of minerals, water and organic resources from the lands.

He wrote that he had previously identified "three problems" regarding his country's dependence on foreign sources of fertilizer: environmental legislation, Indigenism and rights of exploration in the Rio Madeira basin.[9]

2022 election

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During the 2022 election, worldwide mainstream media like Deutsche Welle and Azteca Noticias as well as other globalists and climate lunatics as Leonardo Di Caprio, Mark Hamill, Barbra Streisand, George Takei and Mark Ruffalo called Bolsonaro a threat to the planet because of his policy of affirming Brazil sovereignty over the Amazon.[10]