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God is the Alpha and Omega, the first and last, the beginning and the ending [1]

The website declares:

In a nutshell, the Atheism vs. Theism debate comes down to the following:

The Atheist’s Response to the Theist:

1. God doesn’t exist because science explains the cosmos without him.

2. Even if a finely-tuned cosmos and/or complex life suggest a first cause/designer, there’s too much pain and suffering in the world to believe in the Judeo-Christian God.

3. The Judeo-Christian Bible is myth and legend.

4. A moral life doesn’t require God, anyway.

The Theist’s Response to the Atheist:

1. Science affirms that the finely-tuned cosmos was created out of nothing.

2. Life's order, design, and complexity require an Intelligent Designer, and our response to pain and suffering is relative to our knowledge of right and wrong/good and evil in a fallen world.

3. The Bible is trustworthy based on history, science, archaeology, manuscripts, and prophecy.

4. True morality requires a transcendent standard -- God.[2]

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Global resurgence of religion and desecularization

Desecularization is the process by which religion reasserts its societal influence though religious values, institutions, sectors of society and symbols in reaction to previous and/or co-occurring secularization processes.[3] Desecularization can also occur through providential acts of God and in reaction to God granting Christian's prayers.[4]

From a global perspective, religion is seeing a resurgence and scholars of religious demographics frequently use the term "global resurgence of religion" to describe the process of desecularization which began in the late portion of the 20th century.[5]

As a percentage of the world's population, atheism peaked in 1970.[6]

Global atheism is expected to decline in the 21st century and beyond in terms of its global market share.[7] Presently, there are a number of excellent sources which indicate that atheism is shrinking in global market share (see: Global atheism statistics).

Google trends world data: 2004 to 2020, Atheism/agnostic terms vs. God/Jesus terms

See also: Desecularization and Internet atheism and Internet evangelism: Christians vs. atheists and Google trends - Atheism and agnosticism terms

According to Google Trends, worldwide the searches at Google for the terms atheist, atheism, agnostic and agnosticism were lower in January 2020 than in January 2004.
According to Google Trends, worldwide the searches at Google for the terms God and Jesus were higher in January 2020 than in January 2004.

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