Bible Homework 2 Answers - Student Five

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1. Why do you think the serpent tried to tempt Eve, as opposed to Adam?

The serpent was a sneaky, crafty, and deceitful creature who realized that Eve would be easier to tempt than Adam. Adam received the command directly from God to avoid the forbidden tree, but Eve only received this second hand from Adam.
Good analysis - 10/10.

2. Why do you think God sometimes refers to Himself in the plural (e.g. "us") in Genesis? (Hint: Could the Old Testament be foreshadowing something here?)

With the birth Jesus as the bodily manifestation of Jesus, it later became clear the God was truly a pluralistic entity - infinitely powerful and present everywhere (regardless of what atheists might claim!), thus the references to Himself in the plural is completely consistent.
Good, but you should have explicitly mentioned the Holy Trinity, and not just Jesus. 8/10.

3. List one absurd and unverifiable claim that evolutionists make about the creation of the world.

Evolutionists claim that incredibly complex creations in nature such as a human eye, a bird's wing, or the bacterium flagellum could have appeared by random chance. Advances in creation science have shown that irreducible complexity proves that not only is this absurd, but demonstrably impossible. Despite this, evolutionists continue to cling to such evolutionist absurdities as they are essential to their world view and their denial of God's existence.
Great example and explanation! 10/10

4. The rivers mentioned in the story of Adam & Eve suggest that the Garden of Eden was in what region of the world?

The Garden of Eden appears to have been in Mesopotamia, which lied between the rivers Tigris and Euphrates. This area is now in modern-day Iraq.
Correct. 10/10

5. Early humans lived very long (for example, Adam lived 930 years). What passage in Genesis limits the current human lifespan to 120 years?

Genesis 6:3 - The LORD said 'My spirit shall not continue this quarrel with man forever, because indeed he is sinful flesh. I give him one hundred twenty years more.'
Excellent. 10/10

Extra credit.

Essay:Genesis_(evolutionist_version) PhilipM 11:47, 22 October 2010 (EDT)
Both original and funny! Full credit. 5/5

Total: 53/50 - a great effort!