Evolutionist absurdities

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Evolutionists have made many absurd claims in efforts to shore up their theory and attempt to justify their atheistic worldview and make up for their lack of belief in God.

Here are some examples:

  1. That random mutations can increase the information in the genome.
  2. That organic matter can spontaneously form from inorganic matter.
  3. That the age of the Earth is in the order of billions of years, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.[1]
  4. That incredibly complex organs such as the eye could be created by random chance.
  5. That man is simply another wild animal, with no divine soul or purpose; just an accident of chance.
  6. That irreducibly complex organs and biological mechanism could form gradually, even though without just one component part such mechanisms are useless.

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  1. This is an important absurdity that evolutionists cling to as the time frames needed for things to 'evolve' is enormous. It was not until Charles Darwin proposed his theory that atheistic scientists began postulating ever increasing ages of the Earth in order to give space for Darwinism.