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American neo-Nazi mercenary Kent "Boneface" McLellan claims the CIA recruited him in 2013 to participate in the Maidan coup.[1][2][3][4]

Kent "Bonface" McClellan is an American Nazi. Boneface was arrested by the FBI sometime around 2012 for various Nazi hate crimes. Boneface copped a plea deal with the DOJ to become an undercover informant to avoid a long prison sentence. According to Boneface he was recruited by the CIA in 2013 and sent to Ukraine to help organize the Maidan coup with the Ukrainian Nazi Pravy Sektor.[5]

Biden DHS notice on more than 3,000 American Nazis travelling to Ukraine to cash in on weapons, training, and experience from US Ukraine aid.

On February 24, 2022 President Vladimir Putin of Russia announced Operation Denazification to clean out the fascist battalions which have waged war on the civilians of the Donbas Republics since 2014, killing at least 13,000.[6] Politico reported, "The day after Russia launched its full-scale invasion, the Azov Regiment invited foreigners to join, Rita Katz of SITE Intelligence Group has detailed. Since then, neo-Nazis around the world have expressed enthusiasm for the fight."[7] Biden said of Putin, "For God's sake, this man cannot remain in power."[8]

On March 7, 2022 DHS issued an intelligence bulletin warning that 3,000 Americans mercenaries sign up with to fight Ukraine.

The bulletin noted,

"Ukrainian nationalist groups including the Azov movement are actively recruiting racially or ethnically motivated violent extremist-white supremacists (RMVE-WS) to join various neo-Nazi battalions in the war against Russia."[9]

Boneface has been granted Ukrainian citizenship. He is reported to be wanted by the Russian Investigative Committee for war crimes. At some point according to the legend Boneface returned to the US after 2015. He was then supposedly sent back to Ukraine by the CIA in early 2022[10] to join the Azov Battalion International Brigades, a group of foreign mercenaries mostly consisting of fighters from the Republic of Georgia. It is also known as the Misanthropic Division. Bonface posted a video allegedly from Mariupol in April 2022.[11]

He supposedly returned to the US sometime after the Battle of Mariupol when American media and the US public first became introduced to the Azov Battalion. Boneface gave a television interview that was broadcast in August 2022 telling of his experiences.

In September 2023 Boneface surfaced again in a television news report of Bidenazis in Orlando, Florida thanking US socialist premier Joe Biden for sending missiles to Ukraine.

Former CIA analyst Larry Johnson reported in September 2023 that Bonface, according to his sources, had never been to Ukraine and is in fact a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) informant working in the United States. However, Johnson also alleges, "There is other evidence that Ukrainian intelligence officers are playing a direct role in helping Boneface create the legend that he has fought in Ukraine." Johnson asks, "Why would they do that? The simplest explanation is that Boneface can be used to discredit anyone who suggests that there are close ties between the Nazis in America and those embedded in the Government of Ukraine. Anyone who cites Boneface as “proof” that there are Nazis in Ukraine is proffering evidence that is not true because Boneface is just pretending to be a Nazi and Ukrainian freedom fighter." Johnson concludes, "The unanswered question is why is Ukraine’s SBU taking such an active interest in the case of a career criminal whose informant job is to penetrate American Nazi movements?"[12]