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The Brih massacre occurred on August[1] 21,[2] 1977.[3] In a Church,[2][4][5] in Brih [Breeh بريح], Lebanon, by "Palestinian"-Muslims and their collaborators.[6]

Between 13[4] and 20 Christians died.[6]

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    BEIRUT, Lebanon, Aug. 21—Eleven people were killed and 26 wounded today in clashes in a Christian village In the Chuf district 18 miles south of here, the Lebanese police reported.

    The clashes in the village of Brih were described as the worst since March when the Druse leader, Kamal Jumblat, was assassinated in the mountainous region. The radio station of the Phalangists, Lebanon's largest Christian party, said that 10 people had been killed by machinegun fire from nearby roofs when they left the village's Maronite church after its power had failed.

    The radio said tension in the village had increased last night when a Moslem policeman from a nearby village shot and killed a Christian.
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    Brih endured a fierce round of bloodletting as part of Lebanon's 15-year civil war, notably the 1977 massacre at St Georges Church, in which 13 Christian worshippers were killed by automatic gunfire inside their place of worship. After the town's Christian residents fled, their houses either became derelict or were demolished..
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    August 21, 1977 - The Palestinians and their collaborators attacked the village of Brih in Shouf and committed Genocide of 20 civilians to

    reactivate religious frictions in the Area.

    The Victims' names: (incomplete)

    1. Camille Chalhoub 2. Melhem Shoukrallah El-Kawkabani 3. Farida Khalil Khalil 4. Amalia Hassoun 5. Sariyah Hassoun 6. Eugenie Hassoun 7. Karim Melhem Hassoun 8. Nabih Abi Hanna 9. Ibrahim Gergi Lahoud 10. Michel Melhem Khalil 11. Mrs. Fares Kamar 12. Nabihat Chalhoub

    13. Marta Touma