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Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pickford, and Chaplin at a Liberty Loan Rally

Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin, KBE (London, England, 1889 - Vevey, Switzerland, December 25, 1977), was an English actor, considered to be one of the pivotal stars of the silent film era. Indeed, he created the concept of Hollywood stardom, whereby the public would see a movie based on who was in it, rather than what it was about. He is associated with the popular "Little Tramp" character; a man with the toothbrush mustache, bowler hat, bamboo cane, and a funny walk. His parents were music hall performers.

His first full-length film was The Kid (1921), possibly autobiographical. He was named Knight Commander of the British Empire in 1975. Chaplin composed about 500 melodies, including "Smile" and "This is My Song".[1] Admirers included George Bernard Shaw, Marcel Proust and Sigmund Freud. Chaplin's began his acting career at the age of 8, and his adult height was 5'4".[2]

After being the top star of silent movies, Chaplin's first talking movie, The Great Dictator (1940), was a mockery of Adolf Hitler that faced possible liberal censorship by governments appeasing him, including in Britain. Yet it was the second highest-grossing movie in the United States that year and today is recognized as being brilliant and prophetic.[3] Chaplin was strongly opposed to the Nazis long before World War II.

Chaplin, who was ephebophilic, was married four times and had a total of 11 children. He was 54 when he wed Oona O'Neill, his 4th wife and last wife; Oona was 18.

Chaplin continued to make silent movies long after talking movies began around 1925.


"All I need to make a comedy is a park, a policeman and a pretty girl."

"As for politics, I'm an anarchist. I hate governments and rules and fetters. Can't stand caged animals. People must be free."[4]

"Let us strive for the impossible. The great achievements throughout history have been the conquest of what seemed the impossible."[5]

"I think a very great deal of myself. Everything is perfect or imperfect, according to myself. I am the perfect standard."

Nickname: Charlie and Charlot.

Partial Actor Filmography

As director

"The endearing figure of his Little Tramp was instantly recognizable around the globe and brought laughter to millions. Still is. Still does"



Songs by Charlie Chaplin include:

  • Beautiful, Wonderful Eyes
  • Eternally
  • Falling Star
  • Mandolin Serenade
  • Now That It's Ended
  • Sing A Song
  • Smile
  • The Spring Song
  • The Terry Theme
  • Weeping Willows
  • Without You
  • You Are The Song

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