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Clint Didier (born April 4, 1959, full name Clint Bradley Didier) is a politician, farmer in eastern Washington, and a former professional football player in the NFL. Clint Didier is a conservative Republican candidate running for the US Senate in the 2010 Midterm Elections, against Patty Murray in the state of Washington.[1] Didier played for Joe Gibbs as tight end for the Washington Redskins from 1982 to 1987, and he played for the Green Bay Packers from 1988 to 1989.[2]

In college, Clint Didier played football at Pasco's Columbia Basin College before going on to Portland State University's football program. His Portland State attendance resulted in a degree in Political Science, Administration of Justice/Corrections. Afterwords, Didier then was drafted into the Washington Redskins, enjoying three Super Bowls in his seven-year career with that team, before ending his football career by spending two years at Green Bay. Being raised on a farm near Eltopia, after retiring he literally returned to his roots by buying a farm in the same region north of Pasco.[3]

Political Issues


The American farmer is the most efficient in the world – supplying the American public with the finest quality produce, grains, fruits, and dairy products in the world. Clint Didier goes by the understanding that, with continued government micro-management, over-regulation, and restrictive practices, America's abundant food supply is in jeopardy. As a farmer in the state of Washington, on the EIB Network with Rush Limbaugh, Clint Didier said this of the current state of regulations on farmers:

We are being hit with burdensome regulations with pesticide-herbicide applications on our farm and other things. They (NAFTA and GATT) are trying to take our water away, they're trying to take our production of electricity, they're trying to breach the Snake River dams. [...] What they're trying to do is they're trying to make us more dependent on foreign food. We are importing 51% of our food today from foreign countries. From Mexico we're getting all kinds of vegetables. We're bringing in things from offshore and from Europe. Go into your grocery stores and look for country-of-origin labeling. You'll see where it's coming from. That was put into place when I served under Bush on the FSA, Farm Service Agency. I sat on the Washington state committee.

In fact, our apple juice today -- I believe it's 90% of our apple juice today -- comes in from China, Brazil, and Argentina, where they're using DDT in an unhusband-like manner. They pile it at the top of the ridge and let the wind blow it through the orchard! I have three people that have told me this is happening. Now, Rush, I am stepping up to serve this great nation. I had the opportunity to play in the NFL for nine years. I played seven years with the Redskins.

I played for Joe Gibbs, who is probably the greatest coach that I can think of in the NFL, 'cause every time I went into his office to speak to him, he had his game plan laid out on his desk, and that was the Bible. Now, our game plan is the Constitution. All we gotta get back to is following and honoring the Constitution of the United States of America and we can resolve all of our problems.[4]

Clint Didier believes it is time to begin backing the federal government out of farm subsidy programs and let farmers become self-sufficient by building their own internal insurance and cooperative relief programs. Doing so, Clint Didier says this will guarantee the American public an abundant food supply of the finest quality at the lowest price in a truly free-trade environment.[5]

Government Growth

According to history, the greatest threat to freedom and individual liberty is growth of government. Many federal government agencies and programs are simply solutions in search of a problem – government jobs with no real need or goal. For example, Social Security was supposed to be temporary. In l960, there were about l00 government agencies. In 2010, there are well over l,500. Clint Didier has said that he wants to work towards giving back the power to the states and local governments – along with the money. Didier stated, "If not authorized by the Constitution, it will be a NAY vote from me."[6]

During 2009, Clint Didier became increasingly concerned about the political direction of the United States as a nation, and he became involved in the grassroots Tea Party Movement.[7] “You are seeing people rising up,” Didier told Steve Beren of Red County.[8] Didier said he agrees with those who say “unchecked power is the foundation of tyranny.” He told Beren that the effort to defend liberty and check the growing power of government can be successful, but that it won't be easy, and that it will not be decided in just one election cycle. Didier said that the political battle will extend over the next several years, and that the next three elections – 2010, 2012, and 2014 – will be crucial in determining America's future, according to Red County.

Health Care

Clint Didier is opposed to ObamaCare. On the issue of health care, according to his campaign Web site, Clint Didier interprets the Constitution, and says that decisions such as health care are left to the states to decide. He does not believe a role by federal government is necessary in America's health care system.

A Rasmussen poll released in May 2010, revealed 63% of voters opposed the Democrats health care takeover, passed by Congress into federal law on March 21, 2010, and signed into law by President Barack Obama on March 23.[9] In a June, 2010, Rasmussen poll, it revealed 58% of voters opposed the national health care law.[10] Clint Didier has said that he believes the people are right on this issue.[11]

According to his campaign Web site, Didier said he understands that even more American citizens are opposed to putting government bureaucracy between them and their doctor. Didier does not believe ObamaCare will cost less or create more efficiency within the system; this is further evidenced by other socialized government health care plans already in place, such as in Canada, where their citizenry are coming across the border seeking medical treatment in the United States. Clint Didier does not agree with current politicians who only seem to argue over how much they are willing to tax and regulate the people to make a government takeover of health care in America happen.

Didier will not support a federal government health care plan.

Clint Didier will support:

  • legislation to get the federal government out of the health-care policy-making business
  • free market choices that allow every-day people to make their own decisions
  • legislation that encourages more private competition in the field of health care

Clint Didier believes these policies will ensure America's ability to maintain the highest quality medical care at the lowest possible cost.



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