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Its official, we won!

Welcome to the team Airborne contest page! You can ask questions or discuss strategy on our talk page.


The following list includes all the wonderful members of Team Airborne:

To keep up to date with the contest and your fellow teammates, please add this page and the teams talk page to your "watch" list.

Each team member will be responsible to keep track of their own points (to see the point system click here). Keep this record on a page titled User:Name/Contest. Click here to see an example of how to keep your record. If your name is red below, click on it to create the page.

Please check this page daily to see how we are doing as a team, and also how you rank with fellow teammates.


  1. LearnTogether = 1473 pts
  2. Tash = 975 pts
  3. Crocoite = 880 pts
  4. TK = 256 pts
  5. Iduan = 207 pts
  6. HelpJazz = 132 pts
  7. EdPoor = 84 pts

  1. DanH = 28 pts

Total: 4007 (updated: Oct 5, 2007)