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Debra Peppers

(Radio and Television talk show host, Speaker
Best known for her Outreach Connection TV Talk Show series)

Debra Peppers.jpg

Born 1951

Pike County, Missouri

Spouse Bud Peppers

Debra D. Peppers (born c. 1951), Ph.D., is an author, educator, motivational speaker, radio host and former television host of "Outreach Connection" on Christian Television Network taping from WTJR.

She was educated at the University of Alabama (1973, BA English/speech communication) and Webster University (1986, MA Education).

As an author of the Emmy-Award winning documentary "Choices" Dr. Peppers' also has stories that appear in five different editions of Chicken Soup for the Soul. Including being featured in numerous books and publications for her writing such as, Best Classroom Practices, Embrace of a Father, A Cup of Comfort, Living Your Dreams, The Master's Hand and her own It's Your Turn Now! Debra has also written a monthly column for a St. Louis newspaper.

In 1999 Peppers was one of five teachers inducted into the National Teachers Hall of Fame, and in 2006 was inducted into the Midwest Hall of Fame. She is on the adjunct faculty at Webster University where she was the 2000 Outstanding Alumna. A member of the National Speakers Association, Peppers has traveled to all 50 states and 55 foreign countries.

Peppers frequently co-hosted the weekly radio program Quest for Character with Mike Dunn on KYFI. The program aired live on Tuesday night at 8pm CST and is notable for having multi-talented guests and national personalities. Her television program, Outreach Connection, airs at 7:00 pm CST Tuesday evenings on Christian Television Network.

Debra hosted one of the longest running live radio programs on KJSL from 1996 through May 2006 titled "Talk from the Heart" a two hour call in interactive radio program with uplifting Christian topics. The program was produced by Pat Knox who was the lead producer for the program from July 2002 to May 2006.

In January 2009 Debra Peppers Television Program "Outreach Connection" produced and aired their 100th episode on WTJR In Quincy, Illinois on affiliated Christian Television Network.

In February 2011 Debra Peppers Television Program "Outreach Connection" produced and aired their 200th episode on WTJR In Quincy, Illinois on affiliated Christian Television Network.

Peppers has interviewed the President of the United States. She is best known for her talk shows with multiple celebrities on radio and television, primarily on her still ongoing TV program "The Outreach Connection".

Television studio taping of "The Outreach Connection" hosted by Debra Peppers.jpg

In February 2013 after taping 291 episodes of the "Outreach Connection" hosted by Debra Peppers her last episode featured longtime producer and director Donette Douglas as her guest. Peppers, shortly thereafter, was back on the set with new host Dr. Gary Schluckebier for The 300th TV episode taping of "Outreach Connection" as a guest in the spring of 2013.

After moving to Florida in 2016 Dr. Debra Peppers is back on the air as a front line radio host for "The Q" - WQBQ (1410 AM) in Central Florida. She also has her own podcast called "Shakin' the Salt!"

Summary of achievements

  • 25 yr. professional and motivational speaker
  • Member of the National Speakers’ Association
  • Over 1000 Speaking Engagements, PhD in Communication
  • Small Business Owner, Radio and TV Host for 10+ years
  • Author of the Emmy Award winning documentary "Choices"
  • Emmy and Telly Awards, National Community Relations Award
  • National Teachers Hall of Fame, Midwest Educators Hall of Fame

Personal life and political views

Dr. Peppers was a High School dropout who overcame setbacks to become a successful person in the spotlight as a speaker on TV, Radio, and as a teacher. She earned her Ph.D. and teaches in the Masters Program at Webster University in Missouri; moreover Peppers is endorsed by sportscaster and fellow Missourian Bob Costas. Dr. Peppers holds an undergraduate degree in Speech and English, a Masters of Arts in Education and a PhD in Communication. Peppers political views are publicly known to be that of Evangelical Christian and Conservative.

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