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KYFI (630 AM) is a Christian talk radio Station broadcasting from St.Louis Missouri. The station Power is 5,000 watts with a frequency of 630 (kHz).


KYFI is owned and operated by Bible Broadcasting Network. KYFI's transmitters are located near Gateway Motorsports Park in Madison, Illinois. KYFI AM-630 signed on September 25th, 2013. With 5kW, the station covers all of St. Louis with the message that Jesus has paid for our sins and offers salvation as a free gift! The station offers a Bible teaching and time-honored sacred music mix with numerous nationally based christian content radio programs. This frequency was formerly used by KXOK, the pioneer of the Top 40 radio format in the 1960s and 1970s.

KYFI is one of more than 10 Christian radio stations licensed to St. Louis and its metro area. Notable programs include "Insight for Living" with Chuck Swindoll, "News and Good News", and the Focus on the Family show "Adventures in Odyssey".

Including KYFI, there are 74 radio stations within distant listening range of Saint Louis, Missouri and that originate with radio frequencies in the states of Missouri and Illinois according to as of November 2019.

Previous stations overview

The first frequency was used by KXOK, the pioneer of the Top 40 radio format with multiple catchphrase slogans for St. Louis. The new sound of KXOK was introduced on October 1, 1961. The format redesign included the slogan “The Spirit of St. Louis”—a smart nod to the city's pride in the nine St.Louis businessmen who had helped finance Charles Lindbergh's solo transatlantic flight in an airplane with that name. In the mid-1960s, KXOK became the number one Top 40 radio station in the country, with legendary Disc Jockey Johnny Rabbitt leading the way as the station's top personality. Owned by Storz Communications, notably long after the death of Todd Storz, the father of the Top 40 radio format. KXOK was changed to KJSL in June 1994 under the new ownership of Crawford Broadcasting. The first KJSL station slogan was known as "The Salt & Light of Saint Louis, 24 hours a day" and last the station slogan was "truth talk 630".

Owned and operated by Crawford Broadcasting Company, KJSL was one of 26 radio stations owned by Crawford Broadcasting.

KJSL was one of 12 Christian radio stations licensed to St. Louis and its metro area according to the St. Louis Journalism review study in March 2000. At the time KJSL was consistently the only Christian station in St Louis that offered live, local programming during drive time hours.

Final season of programs KJSL

Notable on-air personalities and talents included Dr. Gina Loudon headlining the KJSL program lineup as a political analyst, writer, and politics expert. "The Dr.Gina Show" aired from 4-6 PM (CST) Monday through Friday. Gina received her undergraduate degree in Psychology and Communication, and her first Master’s Degree in Missouri, but ultimately her studies took her to Southern California where she studied Human Development for her second Master’s Degree, and Ph.D. Loudon is a St. Louis Tea Party member and is educating and giving a detailed understanding to Listeners who call into her program on her political stance. Her radio show primarily focuses on politics, travel, faith in action, and women's issues.

"Defending the Truth with Bob Dutko" wass a daily syndicated program aired on KJSL from 12-4pm (CST). Dutko defends "Christian truth" he is the former National Press Secretary for Christian Coalition of America. He has been featured on the TV series "Inside Edition" as well as many other nationally syndicated news programs in Television and Radio. "Defending the Truth with Bob Dutko" wass also heard on numerous Crawford Broadcasting stations and voiced from the WMUZ station in Metro Detroit, Michigan. Bob also hosts another program titled "The Bob Dutko Show" produced by Jan Foxx. This is Detroit's #1 Christian talk radio show.

"Quest for Character", hosted by Mike Dunn and Debra Peppers, aired live on Tuesday night at 6 pm, it was a 1-hour program notable for having multi-talented guests and national personalities. The program was produced by Tom Ebers with Ronny Badolato as the Executive producer providing the on air content and music. Co-Producer for the program was Dan Crain with Tina Anderson as the Technical Producer. Bob Sutton was the on and off air prayer pastor for most of the early run on radio program. The latter part of the series had Verna Ganz as head of the Prayer Team.

"Right to the Doctor" with Doctor Richard Cranwell began airing live in 2002 on Thursdays at 1 pm (CST). At the time it was the most listened to local St.Louis program on health that was hosted by a licensed chiropractor in the afternoons. The program had a variety of topics dedicated to Health, Exercise, Wellness, and Nutrition airing live from the KJSL Studio.

"Sports Crusaders-Live" with Randy Curless Began airing live in May 2006 on Sundays at 8 pm (CST). At the time it was the only live local Christian St.Louis Sports program. The program had call-in interaction throughout the broadcast with local and national sports personalities. One broadcast was aired live from Ontario Canada and was a first for the station to have Sunday night programming to be aired outside the United States via a telephone link live. The program was produced by Danny Carter with Randy Curless as the executive producer himself.

"Enjoying Everyday Life" with Joyce Meyer was a syndicated program played in 46 of the states and on every continent around the world. The Christian ministry is broadcast on international radio as well as satellite radio. The program is heard on KJSL Monday through Friday at 6:45 AM (CST) and additionally at 11:45 AM (CST). Joyce Meyer's ministry have proven enhanced life-changing programs through biblical teaching. Her ministry is headquartered in the St. Louis suburb of Fenton, Missouri.

"Revolution radio broadcast" re-titled Revolution 618 in 2010 to go along with their TV program was hosted by Josh and Melissa Jamison and former co-host Tom Blauvelt who moved on in 2010. The program was designed to help people discover who they are in Christ, with testimonies and daily living fueled by the bible itself. Josh and Melissa Jamison were guests on the program "Searching for Truth" when it was canceled and a new program was slightly changed and created in 2006. When the program changed to the new title the intent was to change the identity of the show with a new opening and closing soundtrack. Producers for the program were Bryan Kreutz and Tom Ebers.

Program and station history

Prior to adopting its current call sign and format, the am 630 frequency was used by KXOK. While KXOK had used a number of formats, it is best remembered as being a Top 40 music format during the 1960's and 1970's.

Bob Wells, radio host, of the longest-running daily program The Bob Wells Show, aired on KJSL from April 1999 until May 28, 2010 with a format of news of the day: Social, Theological, and political. Wells frequently interviewed guests from the political arena, including Presidential candidates as well as local politicians. J. Bradley Young was the political consultant and also guest hosted the program along with Author William J. Federer. Voice over talent and writer Bryan Kreutz voiced a Star Trek news segment for the Monday show as a Co-Producer sharing the duties with traffic director Jen Collins-Smith. Jen Collins-Smith and Bryan Kreutz graduated from Broadcast Center in "The Hill, St. Louis" district. The Bob Wells Show during its run was the only Christian radio program in Saint Louis to allow the caller to pick the topic for the full two-hour show on Fridays titled "Free for all Fridays". Pat Knox, who had been a producer with the program for much of its run, arranged most of the interviews and guests. Bob Wells interviewed many former guests and KJSL personalities on his final week on the air, notably Tim Berends.

Mornings with Tim & Al aired from 1994-2005 weekdays at 6–10 am. Hosted by Al Gross and Tim Berends, the show was often pre-recorded and mixed in as a live broadcast. The hosts were on-air teachers of evangelism frequently interviewing celebrities and sharing the Gospel with them. In the Spring of 2008 Tim Berends has signed on to have his own live one-hour program on Thursday nights at 8 pm (CST) titled "A million bibles for Kenya" and later re-titled to "Jesus & Tim in Las Vegas" .

Debra Peppers hosted one of the longest-running live radio programs on KJSL from 1996 through May 2006 titled Talk from the Heart, a two-hour call-in interactive radio program with uplifting Christian topics. The program was produced by current KJSL Producer Pat Knox who was the lead producer for the program from July 2002 to May 2006.

In August 1998 The St. Louis Post-Dispatch newspaper published a story relating to a controversial billboard off of a major Highway System near Saint Louis titled "Hell Hates Tim and Al" with flames depicted around the edges of the billboard. KJSL posted the billboard to get the word out to the public to capture the attention of potential listeners to tune in to the program "Mornings with Tim & Al".

The station's emphasis shifted briefly towards Contemporary Christian music in April 2006 as a leading theme during the rush hour drive time as well as morning commute in an effort to draw in a broad audience. The variety of program content was geared toward Christian talk radio and the music was phased out in the afternoons playing only in the mornings and on Sundays.

"The Paul McGuire Show", hosted by Paul McGuire, was a call-in interactive program with a Biblical world view. The syndicated show originated from KBRT, an affiliate located in Southern California. This program aired on KJSL for three hours and was re-titled "Talk from the Heart" in the Spring of 2008. The program was aired in syndication on KJSL from 1998 through July 2008.


  • The KJSL AM Studio was located on the corner of Olive Blvd. and Barre Haven Drive
  • KJSL was also down the hall from another radio station in the St. Louis market owned by Crawford Broadcasting KSTL (690 AM).
  • KJSL's history in Creve Coeur, Missouri also goes back to its previous location of 1215 Fern Ridge Pkwy, Suite 220

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