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Dennis Randall "Denny" Duron

(Non-denominational pastor and former football player and coach)

Denny Duron (LA).jpg
Political party Republican[1]

Born August 24, 1952
Place of birth missing

Resident of Shreveport, Louisiana

Spouse Sue DeAnza Brock Duron

Seven children

Dennis Randall Duron, known as Denny Duron (born August 24, 1952),[2] is a non-denominational Christian clergyman, former coach, entrepreneur, inventor, educator, author, and musical composer. He is the pastor of Shreveport Community Church in his native Shreveport, Louisiana, and the Northpoint Community Church across the Red River in neighboring Bossier City.

Duron's father, Rodney Duron (1924-2013), a native of Hackberry in Cameron Parish in far southwestern Louisiana, moved in 1958 to Shreveport,[3] along with his wife, the former Frances Merle Elledge (born January 24, 1935),[4] to accept the pastorate of the First Assembly of God Church in the Cedar Grove neighborhood. Because of growth, the church relocated three times and is now known as the Shreveport Community Church.[3] In 1998, the senior Durons passed the mantle of Shreveport Community Church to Dennis Duron and his wife, the former Sue DeAnza Brock. The couple has ministered for the past two decades at Shreveport Community Church.[5]The couple has seven children, Destiny, DawnCheré, Denny Rodney, Dez, David Dee, Dakota, and Lucas London.[6][3]

Duron played baseball in 1968 on the inaugural team for the Captain Shreve High School Gators, then under Coach Billy Ray Wiggins (1930-2015),[7] who specialized in basketball, not baseball, as a Hall of Fame coach.[8] In the 1972 and 1973 football seasons, Duron played quarterback for Louisiana Tech University in Ruston. Two years after a better-known quarterback, Terry Bradshaw, also of Shreveport, led the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs, Duron succeeded in two national championships and a 24-1 record. Twice, he was the all Southland Conference first team quarterback. In 1973, he was chosen "Most Valuable Offensive Player" by the Southland Conference. He received "honorable mention" for "All American" in his senior season. He was drafted in the second round by the former Birmingham Americans in Birmingham, Alabama, of the then newly formed World Football League. After two years at Birmingham, he signed with the Washington Redskins in 1976. In the Redskins training camp, he first heard the call of God to take his life in a spiritual direction. Soon he left professional football.[6]

Duron coached football in public schools and at Evangel Christian Academy in Shreveport, a creation of the First Assemblies of God Church founded by his parents which uses the motto "To God Be the Glory." Duron received much local and area media attention in the 1990s through the successes of Evangel football teams. In 2001, however, a sex scandal shook the team when the 39-year-old coach at the time, Dennis Dunn (coincidental name), was accused by a female student of engaging in consensual sexual activities with her in his pickup truck at various locations, primarily in and near Marshall, Texas, thirty miles east of Shreveport. Dunn denied the allegations. Duron at the time was already pastor of Shreveport Community Church and the Evangel chancellor and offensive football coordinator. Dunn was the principal as well as the head football coach.[9]

In recent years, Duron and his wife have been "Coach Dad" and "Coach Mom" for the School of the, a National Football League website that provides information and inspiration to young players and fans of all ages.[6]

Though a Repubican, Duron crossed party lines to endorse the unsuccessful Democratic candidate for Louisiana's 4th congressional district, Shreveport attorney Marshall Jones, a friend of Duron's for more than thirty years. Duron called Jones "open-minded" and willing to listen to good ideas from anyone.[10] Jones, however, was handily defeated by the Bossier Parish attorney, Republican Mike Johnson, who took the House seat on January 3, 2017, to succeed Republican John Fleming, who ran unsuccessfully in 2016 for the United States Senate.

From 2009 to 2016, a non-profit organization associated with Duron operated the former Shreveport Country Club at 3101 Esplanade Avenue in west Shreveport. The facility closed its golf course and clubhouse without explanation after more than a century of existence.[11]


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