Dodie Horton

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Sylvia Delores Miller

"Dodie" Horton

Louisiana State Representative for
District 9 (Bossier Parish)
Assumed office 
January 2016
Preceded by Henry Burns

Born December 6, 1956
Place of birth missing
Political party Republican
Spouse(s) Gary Lynn Horton (married 1976)
Children Three daughters
Residence Haughton, Bossier Parish, Louisiana, USA
Occupation Legislative assistant prior to her House predecessor, Henry Burns
Religion Southern Baptist

Sylvia Delores Miller Horton, known as Dodie Horton (born December 6, 1956),[1] is a Republican state representative for District 9 from Haughton in Bossier Parish, Louisiana. She was elected to the House in 2015 and 2019.


Horton and her husband, Gary Lynn Horton (born November 3, 1953),[2] married in 1976. They have three daughters. She is a Southern Baptist.[3]

Political life

In January 2016, Horton succeeded Henry Burns of Bossier City, who left the House seat to seek District 36 position in the state Senate. Burns was defeated by Moderate Republican Ryan Gatti, a close friend of Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards. After one term, Gatti was unseated by Robert Mills, considered at the time as a more conservative Republican. Prior to her election to the House, Horton had been since 2008 Burns' legislative assistant.[3]

In the primary election held on October 24, 2015, Horton handily defeated a single opponent, fellow Republican Mike McHalffey (born March 1959) of the parish seat of Benton, 4,584 votes (63.8 percent) to 2,602 (36.2 percent), for the right to succeed Burns.[4] She was relected without opposition from either party in the primary held on October 12, 2019.

On June 8, 2017, Democrat African-American state Senator Karen Carter Peterson of New Orleans, who was also from 2012 to 2020 the state chairman of the Louisiana Democrat Party, hurled an obscenity at Representative Horton after Horton asked a group of senators present on the House floor to stop talking so that the budget proceedings being considered could start.[5] Peterson later apologized for her verbal attack.[6]

Representative Horton is strongly opposed to tax increases. In May 2019, the state House voted to roll back a sales tax hike of 0.45 percent that was scheduled to expire in 2025, but Hortman said that she is pessimistic about the tax ever being reduced because so many Republicans in the state Senate are not conservatives. "Not all Republicans are equal," she said.[7] Louisiana has a large contingent of white Moderate Republicans and African-American Democrats who are allied in support of Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards and are hostile to many conservative bills. There are twenty-three House members called by their critics as the Fraud Squad, whose members elected the moderate Clay Schexnayder of Ascension Parish as the House Speaker in 2020, while conservative Republicans backed Sherman Mack of Livingston Parish east of Baton Rouge.

In March 2022, Horton introduced legislation to forbid public school teachers from kindergarten through twelfth grade from discussing sexual orientation and related issues, a matter Horton believes belongs to the nuclear family, not professional educators. The Louisiana media called her plan a "Don't Say Gay Bill," referring to the liberal media using the term to apply to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. But DeSantis' bill covers only kindergarten though third grade. Horton said there is no need for such sexual discussions in any grade.[8] In May 2022, the Louisiana House Education Committee rejected Horton's bill on a 7 to 4 vote when three Moderate Republicans joining with the Democrats. The critics said the proposed legislation had "vague wording" and would have made it difficult to conform to social studies standards, such as LGBTQ+ individuals who were targeted during the Holocaust.[9]

Horton won reelection to a third term in the state House on October 14, 2023. She polled 4,392 votes (60 percent) to fellow Republican Chris Turner's 2,919 (40 percent). This Chris Turner should not to be confused with the District 12 House member Christopher Lyle "Chris" Turner, who ran unopposed in his primary race.[10]


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