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Electronic Cigarette, also known as E-cigarette, is a popular new form of nicotine delivery. These are battery operated devices that vaporize an aerosol to mimic the effect of smoking. Millions of people use these and it has become so extremely popular that vaping is now a multibillion-dollar market. Electronic cigarettes are not a safe alternative to cigarettes, but perhaps they can help smokers overcome their addiction and quit the habit. In comparison, regular tobacco cigarettes are comprised of 4,000 chemicals. The ingredients in electronic cigarettes, e-liquid, contains about 5 chemical ingredients (water, flavorings, propylene glycol, glycerin) and can be sold with or without nicotine.

Bible study, conservative advocacy and activism, alternatives to addiction such as chess, exercise, and other healthy activities, and recognition of logic such as the ever-present option of the miraculous catch of fish, are worth considering.

Chinese entrepreneur Hon Lik developed the electronic cigarette in 2003.[1] American Herbert A. Gilbert holds a 1963 patent for such a device.

A public health study conducted in England found that E-cigarettes Are 95% Safer Than Tobacco.[2] There are concerns that use of electronic cigarettes by minors will lead to smoking cigarettes.[3]


The FDA has approved these devices but certain groups are strongly against. Concerns of use by minors will lead to smoking cigarettes. Not many studies have been conducted on e-cigarettes due to its limited time on the marketplace. Most studies available conclude that e-cigarettes are no more harmful than chewing tobacco.

While studies showing harm or no harm are inconclusive, computer experts have demonstrated that e-cigs can be used as a hacking tool thanks to their USB charging port. [4]

In 2019, the FDA and the Trump administration criminalized vaping. Some, like mainstream conservative Steven Crowder, strongly opposed the ban.[5] However, the move was only taken due to deaths resulting from lung-related illnesses which themselves resulted from children utilizing flavoured electronic cigarettes.[6]


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