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Elliott Bond Stonecipher

(Demographer, political and business consultant, pollster,
and media pundit)

Elliott Stonecipher of LA.jpg

Born July 13, 1951
Shreveport, Louisiana
Political Party Nonpartisan[1]
Spouse Shari Robertson Stonecipher, now Shari Norberg (divorced)

Son Ryan Lindsey Stonecipher

Elliott Bond Stonecipher (born July 13, 1951) is a demographer, political and business consultant, pollster, and pundit originally from from Shreveport, Louisiana. In 2020, he was residing in Dallas, Texas.


Stonecipher is one of four children born in Shreveport to R. L. Stonecipher (1923-1973), a postal clerk who served in the United States Navy during World War II, and the former Elizabeth Jo Ann Holcombe (1925-2020). He has two bsburgothers, Alan Stonecipher, a former journalist and public policy specialist from Tallahassee, Florida, and Philip Stonecipher, also of Dallas. His sister is Norma Lynn Stonecipher Wood of Fredericksburg, Virginia.[2]

In 1969, Stonecipher graduated from Clifton Ellis Byrd High School in Shreveport.[3]In 1973, he received a Bachelor of Arts in English from Louisiana Tech University in Ruston. In 1975, he earned a master's degree from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge.[4]

Stonecipher was married to the former Shari Robertson (born 1949). Prior to their divorce, they had a son, Ryan Lindsey Stonecipher (born 1977) of Carnation, Washington. She was subsequently married to Darrell Felix Norberg (1943-2011), a consulting engineer who relocated to Shreveport from Minneapolis, Minnesota.[5]


Briefly a schoolteacher, Stonecipher at the age of twenty-five took a position in Baton Rouge with the Louisiana Department of Education during the first term of superintendent J. Kelly Nix, a Democrat. He had worked on Nix's campaign in the 1975 nonpartisan blanket primary. Nix named Stonechipher as the director of the state teacher certification.[6]

After three years with Nix, Stonecipher established his own firm to become a campaign consultant and pollster. His firm specializes in demographic analyses for clients in the financial services industry. Stonecipher and his company also provide research in regard to change-of-venue issues in criminal cases, particularly those involving capital murder.[4]

In 1981, the Shreveport Chamber of Commerce named Stonecipher as "Small Businessman of the Year. In 1987, he was named "Rising Young Business Leader" by the Shreveport Leadership Council.[7]

Stonecipher was a consultant to Governor Buddy Roemer, a Democrat who turned Republican in 1991 in the third year of his only gubernatorial term..[8]

In 2002, Stonecipher co-authored the final report of a government study into possible bio-terrorism attacks in the United States in the aftermath of 9-11. The study was published in Emerging Infectious Diseases magazine of the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia. Since Hurricane Katrina, Stonecipher has performed extensive pro bono work in regard to "good government" reforms and political ethics.[4]


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