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Sebastian - Enrique Carbajal.jpg
La Puerta de Chihuahua, Mexico.

Enrique Carbajal "Sebastián" (b. Camargo, Chihuahua, 1947), is a contemporary Mexican sculptor with some 150 monumental pieces in cities around the world. He is member of World Arts Forum Council, Ginevra. His awards include: Superior Prize du Hakone, Open Air Museum, (Japan), Bronze medal, ABC Ashi Broadcasting Corporation, (Osaka), Prix du Jury de l'International Graphic Triennal, (Norway), Grand Prix d'Or du concours ORC - City (Osaka), and Coupe Phœnix (Sakai, Japan).

One of his works in the US,“Las Puertas de Orion” was removed in late November 2008 and reinstalled at Franconia Sculpture Park. The sculpture was partially crossing into the State of Minnesota’s Capitol Area and they had long wanted to relocate the sculpture. [1]

Las Puertas de Orion, Minnesota.

Las Puertas de Orion.

Enrique Carbajal "Sebastián (center)

Torre Caballito.
Torre Caballito, Mexico City.

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Awaiting the Mariner, Dublin, 2002.