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While the media-producing industry is overwhelmingly liberal, there have been many examples of great conservative media. Unfortunately, the reputation of this media has been tainted by negative critical reviews because critics are also overwhelmingly liberal. This list is meant to highlight not only great conservative media (That's already done very thoroughly in these lists: Essay:Greatest Conservative Movies, Essay:Greatest Conservative TV Shows, Essay:Greatest Conservative Songs, Essay:Greatest Conservative Video Games) but great conservative media that is also hated by left-leaning people. By contrast, much of the media listed in the aforementioned lists is actually generally liked by critics. This list will encompass all forms of media that meet two specific criteria:

  1. They have a strong conservative message
  2. They are hated/ridiculed by liberal critics and media

A good way to find such media would be to look for movies that are popular among conservatives but have a low critical score on review aggregator sites such as Rotten Tomatoes or IMDB. Citations of specific negative reviews would be preferable. Also, keep the list divided by media types (Movies, TV Shows, Songs, etc.). For this list a "critic" is anyone who posts a critique of media somewhere, and not just Siskel & Ebert-type professional critics.



  • Act of Valor: Loved by conservatives for being pro-military, and hated by liberals for the same reason [1]
  • God's Not Dead: Grossed $60,755,732 at the Box Office, but obviously hated by the anti-Christian left.
  • 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi: Hated by Liberals for illustrating the events of Bengazi that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have tried so hard to suppress.
  • 2016: Obama's America: Conservative author Dinesh D'Souza explores the disturbing origins of Barack Hussein Obama, including his inherited philosophy with his drunken father and his inspiration from Communists Frank Marshall Davis and Bill Ayers. It performed very well in the box office, becoming the second most successful political documentary ever. Naturally, the Left didn't like their icon being exposed.
  • America: Imagine the World Without Her: Conservative author Dinesh D'Souza shows that left-wing criticisms and versions of United States history are wrong and inaccurate. This staunchly patriotic film dispels Liberal Fables about the country and showing that the leftist agenda will destroy America. While not as successful in the box office as Obama's America, it performed very well in theaters.
  • The Delta Force: A pro-American, pro-Israel film directed by Israeli director Menahem Golan in which Chuck Norris leads a Delta Force team to rescue hostages from a plane hijacking based on the real life hijacking of TWA Flight 847. Naturally, the anti-war, anti-military leftist critics hated it. Vincent Canby of The New York Times wrote "[it] will be the 1986 film all others will have to beat for sheer, unashamed, hilariously vulgar vaingloriousness." [2] Variety said "an exercise in wish fulfillment for those who favor using force instead of diplomacy."

TV Shows

  • Full House: Mocked and ridiculed by the Liberal internet personality "The Nostalgia Critic" for being "boring" because it was sqeaky-clean and not "edgy" like most modern sitcoms.
  • Duck Dynasty: This reality series portrays the lives of the Robertson family, who famously turned duck calls into the magnificent business empire Duck Commander, stand by their strong Christian beliefs, and are active hunters. Liberals despise this series so much that they conducted two ploys to damage this wholesome show's reputation. First, in the series' early days, the liberal parent network A&E censored any use of the word "Jesus" in the prayers that close most episodes. Second, in December of 2013, the staunchly liberal magazine Gentleman's Quarterly (GQ) infamously tricked patriarch Phil Robertson, who founded the family business, into being open about his conservative, anti-homosexual values, which led to Phil (who is not uneducated, as he holds a master's degree in education) being suspended from appearing in further episodes for nine days. The magazine also accused Phil of being racist simply because he said he never saw the mistreatment of any African American person in his younger days during the Civil Rights era. Poor Phil wasn't saying that he wasn't unaware of the prevalent race issues the 1960s but that he grew up in an area where people lived and worked in harmony regardless of skin color, so he witnessed no acts of racism in person.


  • "Dear Slim" by KJ-52: A rap song made by Christian Rapper KJ-52 as an outreach to Eminem. It was absolutely hated and reviled by secular music fans who mistook it as an attack song against Eminem and was featured on VH1's "Top 30 Least Hip-Hop Moments."


  • Conservapedia: Yes, this very website. Just look at the reviews on Web of Trust. Enough said.[3]

Conservative news sources

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