Evangelical Homosexual

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An evangelical homosexual is a homosexual who is not content merely with his own lack of heterosexuality but is also obsessed with (i) censoring expressions of heterosexuality by others; (ii) attempting to convert heterosexuals around them to homosexuality and (iii) censoring criticism of homosexuality, specifically by Christians.

Examples of techniques used by evangelical homosexuals include:

  • insisting that homosexuality is not morally wrong.
  • claiming that it is possible to be a homosexual and a Christian simultaneously.
  • misusing the Bible and the command to love, to justify a practice which Biblical love for God and man disallows[1]
  • using Hollywood to portray homosexuals as "cool" and "hip".
  • drawing comparisons between homosexuals and the civil rights movement of the 60's.
  • making friends with heterosexual males for the sole purpose of converting them to homosexuality.
  • claiming to be smarter or superior than people who are not homosexual.
  • teaching, attending, or supporting colleges and universities to promote "tolerance"
  • resorting to violence if they don't get their way.

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