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These are examples of bias in Wikipedia:

  1. In 2008, two 15-year-old students wanted to harass a third student named "Azid", so they edited a Wikipedia article on Korma (an Eastern food) to add Azid as a synonym for a spice.[1] This meaning was then added to hundreds of web postings about mid-eastern cooking. On July 16, 2014, one of the students confessed his stunt on Reddit,[2] but so many Azid references copied from Wikipedia had emerged in the meantime that Wikipedia did not delete the vandalism as untrue.[3]
  2. For over a year, the article on Glen A. Wilson High School contained threats against an Asian student and made ethnic slurs against the school's primarily Asian badminton team.[4]
  3. Wikipedia has developed a series of history articles outlining the struggles of Jews, Catholics, Asians and blacks against discrimination and the Kl Klux Klan. These articles are now called "African-American Civil Rights Movement" despite being formerly called "American Civil Rights Movement."[5][6][7][8][9]
  4. The scope and depth of racism prevalent on Wikipedia is despicable. Over a thousand pages that include the ethnic slur 'Nigger', many in the page title. [1]
  5. The Wikipedia article "Racisim" stated "In politics, racism is commonly located on the far right...." From December 24, 2011[10] to February 22, 2012,[11] the article also displayed the logo of the Bank of America in a side box, implying that the whole organization was racist.
  6. At one point, the Wikipedia biography of Elizabeth Warren had a section discussing how she had self-identified as being Cherokee for the purpose of Harvard's affirmative action program. However, that section has been reduced to three sentences that try to place Warren in the most favorable light.[12]
  7. For over two hours on March 15, 2014, the lead paragraph of the article "Antiemetic" was changed to read, "An antiSemitic is a drug that is effective against jews."[13]
  8. Wikipedia editors forbade mentioning the many racist and bigoted anti-white tweets made by Sarah Jeong of The New York Times in the introduction, despite that being the reason for her notability with the general public. The site only buried mention of the tweets down in the article body.[14][15][16]

Southern Poverty Law Center

  1. The lengthy Wikipedia article on the SPLC reads like a public relations brochure for the organization, violating Wikipedia's own rules about primary sources and self-published material. It was tagged as too dependent on primary sources and biased but those tags were removed without a substantial change in the article.[17]
  2. The article contains only one brief (three and a half lines) paragraph on the controversy of the SPLC labeling peaceful organizations "hate-groups" and half that paragraph is dedicated to exonerating the SPLC.
  3. When an editor (Yeoberry) attempted to add material about a possible terrorist attack provoked by the SPLC's "hate-group list" and properly sourced material about the man who started listing hate-groups now critical of the SPLC's list, the material was deleted without consultation.[18] When the editor tried to revert it, he was accused to "edit warring".
  4. An editor, with an apparent interest in the SPLC, Dougweller, proceeded to repeatedly post critical comments on Yeoberry's "talk" page, follow his contributions and encourage other editors to oppose him. Yeoberry was indefinitely blocked from editing Wikipedia in April 2013.[19]
  5. Wikipedia has several instances of citing the SPLC as a reliable source for describing which groups are "hate groups", such as the Family Research Institute, repeating the SPLC's designations as if they were fact.[20]


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