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This list includes many examples of Bias in Wikipedia, related to coverage of journalists.

  1. In early October 2005, a prominent and respected journalist John Seigenthaler Sr., contacted Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales about false and libelous content in his biographical entry. Instead of correcting the false allegations that Seignthaler was involved in the Kennedy assassinations, Wales and other editors turned it into a wikidrama with attacks on Seigenthaler for trying to defend his own good name.[1][2][3][4][5]
  2. Israeli journalist Gideon Levy's Wikipedia Biography has been frequently vandalized with false facts, including allegations that his father was a Nazi collaborator.[6] So many slanderous statements have been posted that the revisions to the article have been hidden from public view at least 22 times.[7]
  3. BBC presenter Lynn Parsons wrote Wikipedia claiming that her biography was false—including her birth date. Her request to have her article deleted was voted down.[8]
  4. Journalist Violet Blue reported on a Wikipedia paid editing scandal for CNET. In response, " Mr. Wales said on his Wikipedia “Talk” page that I'm not a journalist, or credible. Shortly afterward, everything on the Wikipedia page about me citing and documenting my career as a journalist was removed, as were related links on Wikipedia to stories I broke writing for CBS."[9]
  5. The Wikipedia page to do with David Seaman (American journalist) was locked and setup for deletion in December 2016 due to his investigation into PizzaGate, as indicated on the Wikipedia talk page.[10] Before his page was deleted, some editors such as User:Simtropolitan suggested using more reliable sources, writing, “if nothing else his very public firing from the Huffington Post at the height of the election warrants keeping this, but only as a stub if sources like ZeroHedge keep being cited. Reliable sources do exist, he has worked with networks that are not [fringe sources], don’t be a reactionary and cite blogs that have “Tyler Durden” as their author. Even if you want to make a villain out of him for Pizzagate, people much less relevant to current events like David Icke have long, well-cited articles here. I am not saying that Seaman is the same as Icke, but this is relevant to current events. The article can and should be improved upon however.” David Seaman's dismissal from Huffington Post was also covered by Real Clear Politics, along with receiving coverage from The Daily Caller. However, even those weren’t considered reliable enough for the Wikipedia censors.[11]
  6. Various attempts have been made by Wikipedia users to point out the liberal bias of online fact checker Snopes.[12] User:Boab added a sentence to the Accuracy section of the article suggesting that Snopes has been accused of liberal bias. In support of this claim, User:Boab provided the following 2016 references:[13][14][15][16][17][18][19]
Despite the large number of references provided (some of which were from non-conservative sources), a cabal of administrators on the site insisted that none of them were valid and/or that they had to be deleted from the page. Although User:Boab also provided the list of references under the talk page of the site, this list of references was archived away into obscurity due to complaints by User:Dbrodbeck [20] that the references were cluttering up the talk page.[21]
  1. In the Wikipedia article about Mike Cernovich,[22] in the introductory paragraph introductory sentence, it says "Mike Cernovich (born November 17, 1977) is an American alt-right[6] social media personality, writer, and conspiracy theorist. He describes himself as "new right"[7] and an "American nationalist."[8]". However, Mike Cernovich denies the fact that he is alt right.[23][24]


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