Examples of Bias in Wikipedia: Sun News Network

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This article describes the Examples of Bias in Wikipedia specifically regarding Sun News Network.

Excessive use of Words

Wikipedia's article on Sun News Network is relatively short and lazily written overall, but has an outstanding (approximately) 2,468 words devoted towards "controversy & criticism" written in as much of an un-summarized fashion as possible.[1] At the same time, only half of the article is devoted to other information regarding the Canadian conservative cable TV channel.

Non Disclosure

The article also fails to disclose that the channel won the "Arthur B. Meighen Award", an award for people or things that "make an outstanding contribution to free speech and the promotion of liberty." in February 2012.[2]

The article also fails to disclose that the channel's personalities, Ezra Levant and Brian Lilley have also won numerous awards at one point or another.