Flocculent Spiral Galaxy

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A good example of a flocculent galaxy, NGC 4414.
A good example of a flocculent galaxy, NGC 4414

A Flocculent Spiral Galaxy is a type of spiral galaxy that does not have clear, well defined spiral arms, the opposite of a Grand Design Galaxy.[1] Their spirals arms tend to start and stop at random positions in the galaxy. Secular scientists believe this may be dues to differential rotation, though this has also been rejected by secular scientists in other galaxies as it leads to the winding problem.[2] Around a third of spiral galaxies are classified as flocculents, making them roughly three times more common than Grand Design galaxies.[3]

NGC 2841 in Ursa Major is often called the prototype flocculent galaxy, as it is an excellent example of a flocculent galaxy.[3] Other examples include NGC 4414 and Messier 60.

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