NGC 4414

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NGC 4414
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Observational Data
Designation NGC 4414
UGC 7539
Right ascension 12h 26m 27.1s
Declination +31° 13′ 25″
Constellation Coma Berenices
Type of object Spiral galaxy
Dimensions 3.6x2.0'[1]
Magnitude Apparent Mag: 10.96[1]
Absolute Mag: -10.0[2]
Redshift 0.002395±0.000023[3]
Distance from Earth 60 million ly[1]
Radial velocity 717±7 km/s[3]

NGC 4414 is a spiral galaxy in the constellation of Coma Berenices.[4] It is a good example of a spiral galaxy, with its well defined spiral structure and features often seen in spiral galaxies, such as large dust lanes. However, it does not possess distinct spiral arms and as such, it is not a grand design spiral galaxy. Instead it is classified as a flocculent spiral.[5] The galaxy is a member of the Coma I cluster, not far from the Virgo cluster of galaxies.[4]

At around 60 million light years away, NGC 4414 has a diameter of around 56,000 light years, a little over half that of the Milky Way.[4] Its outer arms contain vast amounts of dust, as well as luminous blue variable stars, which are so bright individual stars can be made out.[2] One supernova has been observed in the galaxy, SN 1974G.[6] Interestingly, there is currently no evidence for an extremely massive object, such as a supermassive black hole, at the centre of the galaxy.[4]


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