NGC 1365

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NGC 1365
Observational Data
Designation NGC 1365
Right ascension 03h 33m 36.4s
Declination -36° 08′ 25″
Constellation Fornax
Type of object Spiral galaxy
Dimensions 11.2x6.2'[1]
Magnitude Apparent Mag: +10.3[1]
Absolute Mag: -21.6[2]
Redshift 0.005476[3]
Distance from Earth 56.2 million ly[1][4]
Radial velocity 1,636±1 km/s[1][3]

The NGC 1365 also referred to as the Great Barred Spiral Galaxy or PGC 13179, is a barred spiral galaxy situated in the constellation of Fornax.[1] A giant Seyfert-type galaxy, it is the largest spiral galaxy in Fornax with a diameter twice that of the Milky Way, some 200,000 light years.[1] It is perhaps the best example of a barred spiral galaxy in the night sky.

Environment and Structure

NGC 1365 possesses a large bar-like core with two well defined spiral arms, making the galaxy look like the letter "z".[1] The galaxy's core rotates at around 2,000 km/s so that it would have a period of 350 million years.[5] Recently in 2013, scientists measured the rotation speed of a massive object at the centre of the galaxy, thought to be a supermassive black hole.[1] If so, the surface of the black hole would be moving at 84% the speed of light. Four supernovae have occurred in the NGC 1365 galaxy.


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