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Glock 43 is a 9x19mm Luger "baby Glock" polymer safe action pistols, which is becoming quite popular as backup weapon for law enforcement firearms, and citizen self defense.

The Glock 43, like all other Glock pistols have a unique safe action mechanism and, unlike most handguns, do not have any external safety on/off lever. No external safety lever means that there is no risk of the shooter either forgetting or not realizing that the safety is on during a threat or emergency situation. The Glock handguns are prevented from being fired accidentally by the user by a triple safety system, dubbed the safe action trigger by Glock. The safe action mechanism includes a drop safety which prevents the handgun from firing if dropped.[1]

According to Iraqveteran8888, "As with any semiautomatic pistol, small, correctable issues may arise using particular hollowpoint ammunition that the firearm just doesn't like in initial testing, and we did experience two very minor issues in this initial range session."[2]

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Glock manufactures the following models of pistols:

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