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The Survival Blog is a popular preparedness website on the Internet with more than 80 million unique visits since July 2005. It claims, "Since its launch in 2005, SurvivalBlog has been the Internet’s most popular daily blog on survival and preparedness topics."[1] It is ranked as the fourth most popular survivalist blog based on its Alexa rating of 98,060.[2]

According to its statistics page, it has more than 220,000 unique visitors per week.[3][4]

It has the tag line of: "The Daily Web Log for Prepared Individuals Living in Uncertain Times."

James Wesley Rawles founded the website in 2005, and he has since stepped back to the role of "Senior Editor." The current Managing Editor of the blog is Hugh J. Lattimer[5]

SurvivalBlog has created a very large virtual "patriot prepper" community of some of the most brilliant people in a wide variety of disciplines. Rawles claims that SurvivalBlog appeals to readers throughout the political spectrum:

there's a tremendously large and growing segment of my readership that are left of center, Birkenstock-wearing greenies. There's as much crossover with the folks that are interested in local sustainable agriculture and green building techniques as there is with the tea party movement.[6]
However, SurvivalBlog is not a social media site and is not open to reader comments on any topic.[7]

Until September 2009, a selection of SurvivalBlog posts were published by Clearwater Press, but "Best of SurvivalBlog" was withdrawn to give clear publication rights to Rawles for a different, overlapping book.[8]

Founder and former editor Rawles is a Christian, and holds to Reformed doctrine / Reformed Churches denomination. His view of history is of the geographical determinist school[9][10][11] and his view of economics is of the fiscally conservative Austrian School of Economics. Politically, Mr. Rawles is a Constitutionalist Christian libertarian. All of these have shaped his views on preparedness.[12]

Survival Blog tends to use a lot of acronyms, but Rawles has compiled a glossary.

Views on online encyclopedias

Rawles has been a critic of Wikipedia, which he sometimes calls the "LiberalPropagandaPedia" or "LeftistAgendapedia".

In a March 28, 2016 editorial, Rawles called upon his readers to edit Wikipedia to remove liberal bias.[13]

There are only two cures for Wikipedia’s now deeply entrenched bias. First, a larger number of Constitutionalists, conservatives, libertarians, and Christians need to get involved in watching Wikipedia and correcting errors. Second, the alternatives to Wikipedia (such as Conservapedia) should be promoted.

On September 16, 2013, Rawles wrote, "As I’ve mentioned before, Wikipedia’s editors have strong leftist and statist biases. This is evidenced by the way that they selectively delete content and gradually push the Point of View (POV) of articles to match their world views. According a SurvivalBlog reader in Switzerland, the following section was deleted from Wikipedia by members of an anti-gun Wikipedia cabal on August 14, 2013. (It had been part of the Mayors Against Illegal Guns article).

Never mentioned in the Wikipedia article was the fact that there are charges pending against at least seven other members of their “crime fighting” organization: Marcus Hook Mayor James ‘Jay’ Schiliro - the “furnishing alcohol to a minor” charge was just dropped on a technicality, but he still faces misdemeanor charges of official oppression, recklessly endangering another person, unlawful restraint and false imprisonment, in a bizarre incident where he tried to force a young man to have homosexual relations, at gunpoint.",[14][15]

Rawles has also called upon his followers to add content to Conservapedia among other wikis, "Joining a long list: Wilson Combat Announces Anti-Gun States, No-Sale Policy. Now, if the big manufacturing companies would do the same… OBTW, somebody ought to write an article on the Firearms Equality Movement and post it to Conservapedia, Gunsopedia, and Wikipedia. (It will probably get either spiked or butchered, at the latter.)"[16]

Accessing the blog

The blog's primary IP Address is and a backup IP address of[17]

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