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Joel M. Skousen is an American conservative political scientist,[1] non-fiction Survivalist author, and consultant that specializes in preparedness topics, particularly survival retreat and fallout shelter design and construction, as well as what he calls "strategic relocation."[2] Skousen is the founder and chief editor of World Affairs Brief,[3] a weekly news analysis service. He has done architectural and retreat design consulting in both North America and Central America.[4]

Skousen is the author of several books including Essential Principles for the Conservation of Liberty, Strategic Relocation--North American Guide to Safe Places, The Secure Home, Survival Home Manual: Architectural Design, Construction, and Remodeling Of Self-Sufficient Residences and Retreats, and How to Implement a High Security Shelter in the Home. He also published a booklet titled 10 Packs for Survival, which he has also posted to several web sites.[5]

Skousen designs and consults on hardened retreat homes, often complete with fallout shelters with HEPA air filtration. In the book Dancing at Armageddon: Survivalism and Chaos in Modern Times by Richard G. Mitchell, Jr., (2001) Skousen is quoted: ""You never want to make a house look like an obvious fortress. Those who want in can always move up a bigger gun. There is no way you can design a home to withstand RPG rockets and tanks. I design these homes so you virtually cannot tell inside or out that they are any different from a conventional home."[6]

Intermountain west relocation

Because of its low population density and diverse economy, Skousen,[7] recommends the Intermountain west (Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Eastern Oregon, Eastern Washington, northern Utah) region of the United States, as a preferred region for relocation and setting up survival retreats.

Eastern relocation

For those who are more attached to the East Coast and can't easily migrate to the Intermountain-West, Mr. Skousen recommends the blog of M.D. Creekmore who posted Joel M. Skousen's article on Strategic Relocation North American Guide to Safe Places, on the Tennessee-Kentucky Cumberland Plateau solution to the "The East Coast Retreat Dilemma" [8][9]

As a relocation specialist and designer, I found safe retreat locations and helped clients develop high security homes in every state of the union and you can too. The concept that anyone caught East of the Mississippi River is doomed is only partially valid and highly exaggerated. You can achieve a significantly higher level of safety going beyond the Appalachians to the high plateau regions of Tennessee and Kentucky. This massive and relatively unpopulated area is called the Cumberland Plateau—most of which falls within the state of Tennessee.


Skousen was raised in Oregon and later served as a USMC fighter pilot during the Vietnam Era. Skousen has also worked as a commercial pilot, and is a member of the Experimental Aircraft Association, the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association and Pilots for 9/11 Truth.[11][12] During the 1980s Skousen was the Chairman of the Conservative National Committee. He was also the Executive Editor of Conservative Digest.[13]

Joel Skousen is the older brother of Mark Skousen and the younger brother of Royal Skousen. The three Skousen brothers are the nephews of Cleon Skousen.[14]


In late 2007, Mr. Skousen gained attention when he gave his support to conservative libertarian Ron Paul rather than to the RINO and fellow LDS church member Mitt Romney in the 2008 US presidential campaign, in a widely circulated YouTube video clip.[15] After John McCain became the Republican Party's presumptive nominee in early 2008, Skousen also endorsed Pastor Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party, "As Ron Paul goes back to Congress to continue the fight there, I believe Chuck Baldwin is the person to continue the fight during this election cycle and beyond."[16]

Videos by Joel Skousen

Joel is frequently interviewed by Alex Jones on InfoWars show:


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