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Gonzalo Townsend Pinochet

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Gonzalo Eduardo Townsend Pinochet (b. Valparaíso September 23, 1951) is a Chilean Journalist, Political Scientist and YouTuber, nephew of General and President Augusto Pinochet Ugarte and from Justice Minister, Mónica Madariaga.

Townsend is the creator of the YouTube Channel "Verdad Histórica" (Historical Truth) in which is dedicated to comment about current politics as well as history of the Military Government.

He has one of the first right-wing political channels of Chile as it was created on April 9, 2007.

He tried to create a party called "National Liberation" the same year, a part of the "Pinochetist Unitary Action" movement that he also created.

The announcement was made through Internet, uploading a video to YouTube (something new in that time). In the video, Townsend Pinochet pointed out that this new referent seeks to be an alternative to a Concertación that persecutes the military and to a right wing that is inconsistent and disloyal to his uncle and his regime.[1]

He became popular on TikTok recently, being banned.


Father of one adoptive children, studied Journalism in 1973 at the University of Chile. Publicist and Certified Public Relations. Studied in Political Science at the University of Chile. Collegiate member of Public Relations and Advertising. Studied at The Mackay School, Viña del Mar, and Liceo José Victorino Lastarria, Santiago. Direct advisor to former President Pinochet in the aforementioned matters for more than 25 years. Undercover private secretary, or in the shadows, of the former president from the beginning of 1972 until 1994.

Once the Military Government ended, he stopped working in those areas, being unemployed and politically persecuted from 1999. Townsend defends unconditionally the government of the Armed Forces and of Order, as well as the honorability of President Pinochet.

He was also President of the "Partido del Sur", he was the first candidate in Chilean History to be challenged by SERVEL because of a political persecution.

He has been persecuted in a blatant manner by the governments of the Concertación; suffering the humiliations of jail for two years, abandonment and deprivation for many decades, acquitted of all charges in an enforceable sentence of August, 20 2008 for lack of complainants and crimes. For obvious reasons, he has almost no affinity with the Marxist left; nephew of former President Pinochet, son of a deceased sister and for having worked with the former president, whom he knows to the fullest and knows that his hands are clean and his conscience too as he describes.

He left his professional work in 1990 and in 1997 he decided to live in Puerto Montt, where he was a partner in a small clothing factory for the hotel industry. Without giving up what he started in 1990, defending the image of President Pinochet, the work of the Government of the Armed Forces and Order and recovering the historical truth, he continues to maintain it until today and always. So that never against in Chile a Marxist regime installs, and leads the country to a confrontation, provoked by a minority and that caused and/or can cause so much pain.[2]

He was persecuted by the Minister of Justice Soledad Alvear from Patricio Aylwin Government who in 1994 tried to help Gonzalo Soto Rivas (son Mario Soto, member of the Supreme Court of the Christian Democracy) to accuse Gonzalo of using blank checks with the signature of the then treasurer of the Magallanes soccer club.

In 2002 he was sentenced to 5 years in prison by Judicial Activist Leftist Judges (Emilio Elgueta, who was sentenced as corrupt years later, and Lucía Vaganay), but after the corresponding appeals, the Court decided to acquit him of all charges, as the accusations made by the plaintiff were not proven.[3]

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