Gospel of John (Translated)

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The Gospel of John was written by the young eyewitness John, also known as the disciple whom Jesus loved. This Gospel was the last completed and released, perhaps around A.D. 90, and contains material that would have been known only by his closest disciples. Only this Gospel includes Jesus's first miracle, for example, which was the changing of water into wine at a wedding before Jesus became known among the public.

The first three Gospels of the New Testament (Matthew, Mark, and Luke) are called the "synoptic"[1] gospels to distinguish them from the Gospel of John.

Due to its length, the Gospel of John has been broken up into three articles:

John 1-7 (Translated) (completed)

John 8-14 (Translated) (completed)

John 15-21 (Translated) (completed)


  1. "synoptic" - think "synopsis" of the facts