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The House of David referred to the descendants of King David who ruled in Israel and Judah from 1010 to 970 B.C. His descendents ruled in Judah from 970 to 586 B.C. when Judah was conquered by Babylon, a kingship of almost 400 years. Solomon ruled in Israel and Judah just as his father David did, but the kingdom split with his son Rehoboam. From then on the descendents of David only ruled in Judah.

The kings from the line of David were:

Some kings had overlap with their predecessors. Only times starting with sole rule are counted.

The lineage of Jesus traced through the house of David as well.

Tel Dan Inscription

In 1993 and 1995 archaeological excavations at Tel Dan, in northern Israel, at not far from the beginning rise of the Mt.Hermon and the tributaries leading to the Jordan river, pieces of potsherd were found bearing an Aramaic inscription commemorating the fall of the city at the hands of the Aramaeans, the king most probably being Hazael. A heated argument had been in the forefront for years with many scholars believing the references in the Bible to "House of David" were anachronistic emenating from later times, particularly after 586 B.C. and read back into early biblical accounts. The argument is now swinging in favor of the Biblical data, largely due to the "Tel Dan inscription", which has been dated by archaeological and epigraphic (script) analysis to the years 870-750 B.C. The inscription, below, follows with the word referring to the "House of David" (the dynasty of David) in both English and Hebrew (pertinent part). Hazael, king of Aram, claims to have killed Yehoram son of Ah'av, king of Israel, and Ahazyahu, the son of Yehoram, king of the "House of David":

1'. [ ]...[ ] and cut [ ] 2'. [ ] my father went up [ ] he fought at [...] 3'. And my father lay down; he went to his [fathers]. Now the king of I[s]/rael had penetrated 4'. into my father's land before. [But then] Hadad made me king, 5'. And Hadad marched before me. So I went forth from [the] seven[...]/s 6'. of my rule, and I killed [seve]nty kin[gs] who had harnessed thou[sands of cha]/riots 7'. and thousands of cavalry. [And I killed ...]ram son of [...] 8'. the king of Israel, and I killed [...]yahu son of [... the ki]/ng of 9'. the House of David.

יהו]רם.בר[אחאב.] 8.מלך.ישראל.וקתל[ת.אית.אחז]יהו.בר[יהורם.מל] 9. ביתדוד..

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