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Islamization is the current antithesis of Westernization.

Islamization is the process by which a country is transformed into an Islamic theocracy, or, as an even broader definition, into a Muslim-majority state. The first instance of Islamization involved the authoritarian warlord and conqueror Muhammad, who is also the Prophet of the Muslim faith. Muhammad, an anti-Semite, murdered all the Jews in Medina after conquering the city.[1] This was the second location to be Islamized, after Mecca.[2] Afterward, he took control of the entire Arabian Peninsula. His successors conquered massive portions of the Middle East and Africa. Jews and Christians in the conquered countries were treated as second-class citizens,[3] despite the claims of cultural Marxist history and religion textbooks asserting that the Muslim Empire treated religious minorities better than Christian Europe.

The United Nations, which is dominated by anti-Zionist Islamic dictatorships, frequently bullies Israel.[4]


The first part of Europe to be Islamized was Spain, prior to the Crusades. Spain was conquered by African Muslims (Moors) in 711 AD.[5][6]

The Islamic Ottoman Empire instigated the Barbary Slave Trade, wherein North African pirates who were charges of the Ottoman Empire randomly kidnapped Europeans and transported them to North Africa to work as slaves.[7][8]

In the 21st century, France has been severely Islamized,[9] and was 8.8% Muslim in 2016.[10] The European Union kowtows to Muslims, and sends those critical of Islam and Islamization to prison.[11][12]

Even the Dalai Lama has spoken out against Islamization; however, he was subsequently demonized by the Young Turks.[13]