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Col. Jacques Baud is a former colonel of the General Staff, ex-member of the Swiss strategic intelligence, specialist on Eastern countries. He was trained in the American and UK intelligence services. He has served as Policy Chief for United Nations Peace Operations. As a UN expert on rule of law and security institutions, he designed and led the first multidimensional UN intelligence unit in the Sudan. He has worked for the African Union and was for 5 years responsible for the fight, at NATO, against the proliferation of small arms. He was involved in discussions with the highest Russian military and intelligence officials just after the fall of the USSR. Within NATO, he followed the 2014 Maidan coup and later participated in programs to assist the Kyiv regime.

Baud is the author of several books on intelligence, war and terrorism, in particular Le Détournement published by SIGEST and Gouverner par les fake news, L’affaire Navalny. His latest book, Poutine, maître du jeu?, is published by Max Milo.