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The serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer was an atheist.[1] See: Atheism and cannibalism

Jeffrey Dahmer (May 21, 1960 – November 28, 1994) was a serial killer who engaged in cannabalism and he was an atheist[2]when he committed these acts.[3] After his last victim escaped and notified authorities, they found a gruesome scene at his apartment: the remains of 11 of his murdered victims. He was sent to prison for the rest of life, and killed in jail. Dahmer was especially unnerving for the general public because, far from looking crazed, he was actually attractive.

According to, "Jeffrey Dahmer's homosexuality ... [was] not unusual among serial killers. ... Other well known homosexual or bisexual serial killers include Andrew Cunanan, John Wayne Gacy, Patrick Wayne Kearney, Gilles de Rais, Randy Steven Kraft, Michael Swango, Andrei Chikatilo, David D. Hill, Wayne Williams, Larry Eyler, Henry Lee Lucas, Fritz Haarmann, and dozens more."[4]

Dahmer, after being discharged from the military for excessive drinking in 1981, released him to Miami Beach, Florida, where he spent a short amount of time in a hospital until he was kicked out for his excessive alcoholism. He later moved in with his grandmother in Wisconsin for six years, where his crimes began. In 1988, his grandmother asked him to move out because she couldn't stand his late night ventures and foul smells coming from the basement. He then found an apartment in Milwaukee, where he continued his crimes. Between 1988 and 1991, Dahmer had been sentenced for multiple crimes, including exposing himself to children, and was a registered sexual offender. One of Dahmer's victims, a 14-year-old adolescent named Konerak Sinthasomphone, temporarily escaped, bleeding and naked and was found by police, but Dahmer conned the officers into believing everything was fine (including lying about the boy's age, claiming he was 19) and Sinthasomphone was returned to him in spite of the protests of the three women accompanying the boy, who had first contacted the police regarding his condition. Dahmer killed Sinthasomphone the next day.


Following his arrest in the summer of 1991 after reaching a pace of killing nearly one person a week, police investigated Dahmer's apartment and discovered photos, human remains, and body parts positioned in the form of a "shrine". Evidence and a later confession by Dahmer revealed he had engaged in necrophilia and cannibalism. See also: Atheism and cannibalism

With overwhelming amounts of evidence against Dahmer in court, his only option was to plead not guilty by reason of insanity. The courts found him sane and sentenced him to roughly 957 years in prison. After the hearing, Dahmer expressed remorse, and had wished for his own death.

While serving time at Columbia Correctional Institution in Portage, Wisconsin, Dahmer, who had not been in a church since he was five, began to review religious material sent to him by his father's friend Roy Ratcliff and said he made an admission of his sins and accepted Christ as his savior. Ratcliff, a local preacher, met with his son and agreed to baptize him. Shortly thereafter, Dahmer was attacked by an inmate in the prison chapel, but suffered only minor wounds.


On November 28, 1994, Dahmer and another fellow inmate, Jesse Anderson, were both bludgeoned to death by another inmate, Christopher Scarver, with a bar from a weight machine while on work detail. Both inmates died from the attack; Dahmer died en route to the hospital from severe head trauma.

His mother wanted his brain to be donated for research, but Jeffrey Dahmer himself had insisted on being cremated. Applying applicable law, a judge held that Dahmer's desire to be cremated should prevail.

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