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The serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer engaged in cannibalism. He was an atheist while he committed these acts.[1]

Cannibalism, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, is "usually ritualistic eating of human flesh by a human being."[2]

Jeffrey Dahmer, atheism and cannibalism

Jeffrey Dahmer (1960-1994) was an infamous serial killer who murdered at least 17 teenage boys and young men between 1978 and 1991.

He was an atheist while he committed these acts.[3]

After his last victim escaped and notified authorities, they found a gruesome scene at his apartment: the remains of 11 of his murdered victims. He was sent to prison for the rest of life, and killed in jail.

Evidence and a later confession by Dahmer revealed he had engaged in cannibalism and necrophilia.[4]

Jeffrey Dahmer on atheism, evolutionism and morality

See also: Atheism and morality and Atheist population and immorality

Jeffrey Dahmer declared: "If it all happens naturalistically, what is the need for a God? Can't I set my rules? Who owns me? I own myself."[5]

In an interview with Stone Phillips, Dateline NBC on November 23, 1994, Dahmer said:

If a person doesn’t think there is a God to be accountable to, then—then what's the point of trying to modify your behaviour to keep it within acceptable ranges? That's how I thought anyway. I always believed the theory of evolution as truth, that we all just came from the slime. When we, when we died, you know, that was it, there is nothing ...[6]

Chinese communism, Pol Pot's communist regime and cannibalism

See also: Communism and cannibalism and Atheism and mass murder and Militant atheism and Atheism and communism

A People's Republic of China propaganda poster stating "Destroy the Old World & Forge the New World," with a worker smashing a crucifix, a Buddha murti, and a classical Chinese sacred text; 1967.

In 1955, Chinese communist leader Chou En-lai declared, "We Communists are atheists".[7] In 2015, the Communist Party of China reaffirmed that members of their party must be atheists.[8] See also: Atheism and communism

The New York Times reports:

Newly disclosed confidential government documents suggest that the Cultural Revolution plumbed previously unreported depths of savagery.

The documents, prepared by local government offices in the 1980's, two decades after the events they describe, seem to offer a meticulous record of how Red Guards and Communist officials in one province not only tortured their victims to death but also ate their flesh.

Copies of the documents have been smuggled out of China by Zheng Yi, a prominent writer wanted by the Chinese authorities for his work for the democracy movement at Tiananmen Square in 1989. After three and a half years as a fugitive, Mr. Zheng is to arrive in New York on Wednesday. Some Ugly Details

At some high schools, students killed their principals in the school courtyard and then cooked and ate the bodies to celebrate a triumph over "counterrevolutionaries," the documents report. Government-run cafeterias are said to have displayed bodies dangling on meat hooks and to have served human flesh to employees.

"There are many varieties of cannibalism," declares one report, "and among them are these: killing someone and making a late dinner of it, slicing off the meat and having a big party, dividing up the flesh so each person takes a large chunk home to boil, roasting the liver and eating it for its medicinal properties, and so on."

The documents suggest that at least 137 people, and probably hundreds more, were eaten in Guangxi Province in southern China in the late 1960's. In most cases, many people ate the flesh of one corpse, so the number of cannibals may have numbered in the thousands. [9]

According to the book The Black Bible of Communism:

The populace was invited to be present at the public trials of the "counter-revolutionaries" -who happened to be condemned to death in an almost identical manner. They would watch those executions, shouting "Death! Death!" and egging on the Red Guards who were assigned to the slow carving of the victims. They often cooked body parts and ate them, or forced the victim's family to eat them, in front of the condemned person, who was still alive.

Everyone was invited to the feasts where they would distribute the heart and liver of the former landowner, and to the assemblies where the speaker would address the people standing in front of a row of poles on which they had impaled recently chopped-off heads.

This fascination with vindictive cannibalism, which we find again in Pol Pot's Cambodia and corresponds to a very old archetype that was broadly prevalent throughout eastern Asia, had often made its appearance during other moments of paroxysm in Chinas' history. Thus, in an era of foreign interventions, in 613, the emperor Yang (of the Sui Dynasty) took his revenge on a certain revolutionary, by persecuting even his most distant relatives: "Those who were more severely punished had to undergo the punishments of being cut into four quarters and their head exposed atop a spear, or they would be cut to pieces, pierced with arrows. The emperor had ordered the high-ranking officers to devour the flesh of the victims, piece by piece."

The renowned author Lu Xun, a sympathizer of Communism, at a moment when he no longer concurred with nationalism and anti-Westernism, wrote: "The Chinese are cannibals..."[10]

Breibart reported:

Witness Meu Peou told a court during an ongoing genocide hearing in Cambodia about a woman the Khmer Rouge executed and ate in front of him.

“She was asked to take off her clothes and her body was cut open,” he wept to the court. “There was blood everywhere. … [H]er liver was taken out and was cooked for a meal.”[11]

Atheistic China and baby eating

See also; Atheists eat babies meme and Communist China and baby eating and Asian atheism

In 2014, The Washington Times reported:

China’s one child policy, baby trafficking, and sex trafficking of North Korean women aren’t the worst human rights violation happening in the country. Aborting innocent and healthy unborn children and eating them to boost one’s stamina and sexual health is.

South Korean customs officials recently seized thousands of pills filled with powdered human baby flesh arriving from China. Since August 2011, South Korean officials have intercepted more than 17000 pills smuggled from China.

South Korean officials became aware of a horrific practice of eating aborted fetuses after Seoul Broadcasting System showed a documentary on Chinese doctors who performed abortions and then ate the fetuses. One Chinese doctor on the documentary took out fetuses from his refrigerator.[12]

For more information, please see: Communist China and baby eating

Soviet Union and cannibalism

Joseph Stalin, the Premier of the Soviet Union from 6 May 1941 to 5 March 1953, patronised the League of Militant Atheists, whose chief aim, under the leadership of Yemelyan Yaroslavsky, was to propagate militant atheism and eradicate religion.[13][14]

See also: Soviet Union and morality and Atheism and economics and Atheism and sloth and Soviet Union and obesity

According to the University of Cambridge, historically, the "most notable spread of atheism was achieved through the success of the 1917 Russian Revolution, which brought the Marxist-Leninists to power."[15] See also: Atheism and communism

Kerry Kubulius in his article entitled Cannibalism in the Soviet Union wrote:

In the years 1920-21, the Soviet Union was hit hard by famine. Civil war had wiped out grain stores, and drought affected harvests. Struggling peasants and Gulag prisoners alike fell victim to starvation. Hungry individuals ate what they could find – the last of their livestock, cats and dogs, and then finally, fellow human beings. Cannibalism in Soviet Russia and elsewhere in the Soviet Union manifested itself in prisons camps, in urban settings, and in the countryside. The practice of cannibalism was seen as a survival measure rather than a true crime by those who had nothing else to eat....

It goes without saying that cannibalism in the Soviet Union was outlawed. Those who were caught cannibalizing their fellow citizens were sent to prisons, even though cannibalism was practiced in the Gulag, as well...

While some individuals ate the bodies of the already dead, others murdered for the purpose of providing themselves with food. Gangs of children would kill adults, while adults would find children to murder and eat. Escaped prisoners might take along fellow inmates to serve as future meals – unbeknownst to the escapees' companions themselves.

Cannibalism in the Soviet Union was sometimes a result of an individual or individuals seeking revenge.[16]

In 1982, the website Foreign Affairs indicated about the Soviet Union and food production:

What has changed during these two decades? How is it possible that the Soviet Union has almost exactly the same area of arable and permanent crop land per head of the population as has the United States, namely 0.89 hectares (2.2 acres), and cannot feed its population adequately, whereas U.S. agriculture not only supplies the population with one of the richest diets in the world but in addition supplies more food for export than any other country?[17]

Siege of Leningrad and cannibalism

The Independent reported: "A historian has unearthed previously unseen diaries documenting the fall of Leningrad and the consequential famine that ripped across the Russian city, plunging many of its residents into cannibalism."[18]

North Korea and cannibalism

North Korea practices state atheism and belief in God is actively discouraged.[19] Open Doors, an organization based in the United States, has put North Korea at the very top of its list of countries where Christians face significant persecution - for 12 years in a row.[20]

The Express reports:

A North Korean man living in Australia has claimed that human flesh is served up to eat in the country’s third largest city.

Sung Min Jeong, 44, claims that in Chongjin – a city at the tip of the North Korean coast – a shopkeeper serves up human meat.

Fears that famine-stricken North Koreans are being forced to eat human flesh heightened earlier this year following claims a man was executed for murdering his two children for food.

Fears of cannibalism in the country surfaced in 2003 too, amid testimony from refugees who claimed poor harvests and food aid sanctions had resulted in children being killed and corpses cut up for food.

According to reports, requests by the United Nations World Food Programme to access "farmers' markets" where human meat was said to be traded, were turned down by Pyongyang, citing "security reasons".

Those caught selling human meat face execution, but one source told the North Korean Refugees Assistance Fund: "Pieces of 'special' meat are displayed on straw mats for sale.

"People know where they come from, but they don't talk about it."[21]

Vietnamese and cannibalism

Officially, Vietnam is an atheist state.[22]

Below is an article related to Vietnamese and cannibalism:

Richard Dawkins wants people to eat manufactured human lab meat to "overcome our taboo against cannibalism”

LifeSite News declares:

Richard Dawkins, the (in)famous atheism proselytizer, has mused about eating human meat.

No, he doesn’t want to join the Donner Party. Researchers may soon be able to manufacture meat from cell lines in the lab, and Dawkins has suggested in a tweet that we could “overcome our taboo” by eating human flesh so manufactured.

What if human meat is grown? Could we overcome our taboo against cannibalism? An interesting test case for consequentialist morality versus “yuck reaction” absolutism.[23]

Atheist Samuel Butler on cannibalism

Moshe Avarick writes about the British atheist and novelist Samuel Butler:

“Morality is the custom of one’s country and the current feelings of one’s peers. Cannibalism is moral in a cannibalistic country” –– Samuel Butler (19th Century British Novelist).

Although spanning only two sentences and consisting of just 21 words, Butler’s statement pretty much says everything that needs to be said about morality in a universe without God. In the world of the atheist “morality” has no actual significance; it is simply a word that is used to identify the “custom of one’s country,” the “current feelings of one’s peers” and personal preferences and psychological conditioning. [24]

Marquis de Sade on cannibalism

The perverse and cruel atheist Marquis de Sade in prison, 18th century line engraving.

See also: Atheism and sadism and Abortion and atheism

The atheist Marquis de Sade (1740-1814) was an infamous French aristocrat and author of heavily philosophical pornography, as well as more traditional essays on philosophy.[25] Sadism, a paraphilia in which pleasure is derived from inflicting pain or seeing pain being inflicted on others, is named after him. The debauched lifestyle of the Marquis de Sade caused him to have periods of imprisonment. [26]

The Intercollegiate Studies Institute's website First Principles 1st Web Journal declares:

If there is no God, no hell, no right and wrong, no moral responsibility, no meaning or significance beyond your pleasure, then existence is meaningless. Nothing you do matters, others do not matter, and what you do with them—and to them—does not matter. Nihilism liberates. For the Sadean egotist, then, everything is permitted. Sade incessantly rationalized the most depraved and libertine sexuality, and every crime including cannibalism and murder.[27]

TheAmazingAtheist on cannibalism

The YouTube channel TheAmazingAtheist is the most popular atheist YouTube channel with over 685,972 subscribers as of June of 2015 (In the YouTube channel's beginnings it mostly focused on the topic of atheism, but now it is a broader channel in scope).[28] The AmazingAtheist produced a video entitled Atheist Libertarian Defends Incest, Polygamy and Cannibalism!.[29] See also: Atheism and incest and Atheism, polyamory and other immoral relationships

University of Kentucky study related to beliefs about atheists/cannibalism/immorality

See also: Views on atheists and Atheism and social outcasts

In 2014, a University of Kentucky study was published by Will M. Gervais, which was entitled "Everything is permitted? People intuitively judge immorality as representative of atheists", and the study indicated that "even atheist participants viewed immorality as significantly more representative of atheists than of other people."[30]

A quotation from the abstract of Will M. Gervais' study "Everything is permitted? People intuitively judge immorality as representative of atheists":

American participants intuitively judged a wide variety of immoral acts (e.g., serial murder, consensual incest, necrobestiality, cannibalism) as representative of atheists, but not of eleven other religious, ethnic, and cultural groups. Even atheist participants judged immoral acts as more representative of atheists than of other groups. These findings demonstrate a prevalent intuition that belief in God serves a necessary function in inhibiting immoral conduct, and may help explain persistent negative perceptions of atheists.[31]

See also: Atheism and bestiality

The PNN News and Ministry Network on atheism and cannibalism

PNN News and Ministry Network declared: "Atheism teaches that people are nothing but animals made of meat."[32]

The PNN News and Ministry Network writes:

Now this doctrine was revealed to me in the process of researching my fourth book, "The Great Debate". I touched on it briefly in the book but I wasn't sure if it was random, isolated cases of disgusting social dysfunction or across the board commonality among all atheists. Over the intervening months I have discovered, or rather it was revealed to me by the atheists, that cannibalism has been accepted into mainstream atheism as a matter of fact. Allow me to read just a couple of the comments left by atheists concerning the act of eating people

As for eating my friend. If he was dead then yes I would. He is an animal, just like I am and just like you are. I would expect him to do the same if placed in that situation. Atheist

And in my own mind I would like to think I would be able to eat a fellow man who was dead or had no chance to survive to keep myself alive Atheist...

There you go. Cannibalism. I bet you can guess where this doctrine comes from. It comes from the teaching that people are nothing more than animals. This is another doctrine of atheism that we will discuss in this series. The creation story of atheism. The doctrine of evolution.

What would I do if I was faced with the choice of starvation or cannibalism? That choice will never be a part of my life. In my existential paradigm, there is always the God option. I would pray. I would expect one of three or more or a combination of things to happen. Either God would rescue me out of the predicament or He would provide me with food to eat or probably a combination of both. A third option would be a supernatural sustaining of the body until help arrives. Let me make one thing perfectly clear. Death for the Christian is a sweet release. It is entry into the heavenly. The Bible says that to die is "gain". For the Christian to resort to desecrating a corpse is to throw ones faith into reverse. For the atheist, however, it is a testimony to the barbaric nature of the religion and the need to expose it before it destroys society beyond repair.[33]

Pastor Carl Gallups is the founder of PNN News and Ministry Network

A video by the PNN News and Ministry Network declares:

Atheism teaches that people are nothing but animals made of meat.

When confronted on this issue, there is not a single atheist who would not eat human flesh when they were interviewed for the PPSimmons resource book The Atheists are Wrong. And now we are taking some heat for it. Not because we were wrong about them, but because according to them we were wrong about ourselves. They say quote "Everyone would eat another human being to stay alive" unquote...

So what kind of person are you? Have you decided that God does exist? You have been adopted into His family and you are not so desperate to keep your body alive that you would eat another human being. Or are you so scared of death that eating a frozen human carcas is more appealing to you than meeting your Maker? [34]

See also: Atheism and death

Gary DeMar on atheism and cannibalism

Humans share about 50% of our DNA with bananas and that doesn’t make us half bananas.[35] Mankind was created in the image of God.[36]

Gary Demar wrote:

If atheism is true, and we evolved from pond scum, then, we are nothing more that bags of meat and bones with electricity coursing through us. The new atheists want to claim that somehow they can maintain their naturalistic, materialistic, atheistic worldview and also give some sort of moral order to it; this is impossible. According to evolution, we are related to bananas, yet we eat them. From an evolutionist point of view, cannibalism is acceptable.[37]

Creation Ministries International points out:

The DNA sequence is not all that distinguishes different kinds of organisms—as geneticist Steve Jones was quoted in Creation as saying, ‘We also share about 50% of our DNA with bananas and that doesn’t make us half bananas, either from the waist up or the waist down.’ Evidence has certainly emerged that ‘DNA is not everything’; for example, mitochondria, ribosomes, the endoplasmic reticulum and the cytosol are passed unchanged from parent to offspring (save for possible mutations in mtDNA). In fact, gene expression is itself under the control of the cell. Some animals have undergone extremely dramatic genetic changes, and yet their phenotype has remained virtually identical. Such epigenetic marks ‘can dramatically affect the health and characteristics of an organism—some are even passed from parent to child—yet they do not alter the underlying DNA sequence.’ This evidence lends great support to reproduction after kinds (Genesis 1:24–25; 1 Corinthians 15:39), as structures present within parents are preserved in their offspring.[38]

In addition, creationists argue that similarity is not just explainable by creation, but predicted. Christian apologist JP Holding explains:

Homologous structures, far from pointing away from a designer of infinite wisdom, would have indicated to readers of the Bible in their time a designer who did indeed possess infinite wisdom and mastery over His creation. It is only because modern persons have arbitrarily decided that a certain degree of what they see as ‘originality’ is a proper means value that the evolutionists’ argument carries any apparent force.

To frame our argument against the evolutionists’ misuse of homologous structures requires us to have an understanding of certain values critical to ancient persons. Roman literature of the New Testament period tells us that ‘(t)he primary test of truth in religious matters was custom and tradition, the practices of the ancients.’ In other words, old was good, and innovation was bad. Change or novelty was ‘a means value which serves to innovate or subvert core and secondary values.’

By itself, this demolishes one part of the evolutionists’ argument and makes it, clearly, a case of arbitrary imposition of modern values. In a context such as the above, ‘radically different design’ would have indicated to an ancient reader either no deity, or else a deity whose means was chaos and instability, or a deity who did not have mastery over creation.[39]

Mankind was created in the image of God.[40]

Influence of biblical Christianity turns savage cannibals into civilized individuals

evolution darwin theory
The English evangelist and biblical scholar Arthur W. Pink wrote in a chapter of his book The Divine Inspiration of the Bible which was entitled The Marvelous Influence of the Bible Declares its Super-Human Character: "Even Darwin had to concede the miraculous element in the triumphs of the missionaries of the cross." [41] (photo of the evolutionist and weak atheist/agnostic Charles Darwin is given above)

An account of the missionary work of John G. Patten entitled You Will Be Eaten by Cannibals! Lessons from the Life of John G. Paton reads:

In 1606, a chain of eighty islands in the South Pacific was discovered by Fernandez de Quiros of Spain. In 1773, the Islands were explored by Captain James Cook and named the New Hebrides because of the similarities with the Hebrides Islands off the Northwest coast of Scotland. In 1980, the New Hebrides gained its independence from Britain and France and was named Vanuatu. The chain of Islands is about 450 miles long. If you draw a line straight from Honolulu to Sydney, it will cut through Port Vila, the capital of Vanuatu, two thirds of the way between Hawaii and Australia. The population today is about 190,000.

To the best of our knowledge, the New Hebrides had no Christian influence before John Williams and James Harris from the London Missionary Society landed in 1839. Both of these missionaries were killed and eaten by cannibals on the island of Erromanga on November 20 of that year, only minutes after going ashore. Forty-eight years later John Paton wrote, "Thus were the New Hebrides baptized with the blood of martyrs; and Christ thereby told the whole Christian world that he claimed these islands as His own" (p.75).

The London Missionary Society sent another team to the Island of Tanna in 1842, and these missionaries were driven off within seven months. But on the Island of Aneityum, John Geddie from the Presbyterian church in Nova Scotia (coming in 1848) and John Inglis from The Reformed Presbyterian Church in Scotland (coming in 1852) saw amazing fruit, so that by 1854 "about 3,500 savages [more than half the population] threw away their idols, renouncing their heathen customs and avowing themselves to be worshippers of the true Jehovah God" (p. 77). When Geddie died in 1872, all the population of Aneityum was said to be Christians.[42]

Arthur W. Pink

The English evangelist and biblical scholar Arthur W. Pink wrote in a chapter of his book The Divine Inspiration of the Bible which was entitled The Marvelous Influence of the Bible Declares its Super-Human Character:

The Bible has done more for the emancipation and civilization of the heathen than all the forces which the human arm can wield, put together. Someone has said, "Draw a line around the nations which have the Bible and you will then have divided between barbarism and civilization, between thrift and poverty, between selfishness and charity, between oppression and freedom, between life and the shadow of death." Even Darwin had to concede the miraculous element in the triumphs of the missionaries of the cross.

Here are two or three men who land on a savage island. Its inhabitants posses no literature and have no written language. They regard the white man as their enemy and have no desire to be shown "the error of their ways." They are cannibals by instinct and little better than the brute beasts in their habits of life. The missionaries who have entered their midst have no money with which to buy their friendship, no army to compel their obedience and no merchandise to stir their avarice. Their only weapon is "the Sword of the Spirit," their only capital "the unsearchable riches of Christ," their only offer the invitation of the Gospel. Yet somehow they succeed, and without the shedding of any blood gain the victory. In a few short years naked savagery is changed to the garb of civilization, lust is transformed into purity, cruelty is now kindness, avarice has become unselfishness, and where before vindictiveness existed there is now to be seen meekness and the spirit of loving self-sacrifice. And this has been accomplished by the Bible! This miracle is still being repeated in every part of the earth! What other book, or library of books, could work such a result? Is it not evident to all that the Book which does exert such a unique and unrivaled influence must be vitalized by the life of God Himself? [43]

Atheists eat babies meme

See also: Atheists eat babies meme

The atheists eat babies meme is a dark humor meme used to illustrate the fact that many people distrust atheists and equate atheism with immorality (see: Distrust of atheists and Atheism and morality). There have been several studies indicating that many people have low opinions of atheists (see: Views on atheists).

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