Atheist population and immorality

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The perverse and cruel atheist Marquis de Sade in prison, 18th century line engraving. Sade was an advocate of abortion.[1]

Not possessing a religious basis for morality, which can provide a legitimate basis for objective morality, atheists are fundamentally incapable of having a coherent system of morality.[2] For example, atheists have been the biggest mass murderers in history (see: Atheism and mass murder). See also: Atheism and morality and Atheism and culture

Atheism and various types of immorality:

In 2014, a University of Kentucky study was published by Will M. Gervais, which was entitled Everything Is Permitted? People Intuitively Judge Immorality as Representative of Atheists, and the study indicated that "even atheist participants viewed immorality as significantly more representative of atheists than of other people."[3] See also: Atheism and moral depravity

Also, atheists within the United States have developed a reputation of uncharitableness as they gave far less to charities, even if church donations are not counted (see: Atheism and uncharitableness).

King Solomon repeatedly indicates that fools are wicked in the book of Proverbs (Proverbs:13:9; 14:8,16-18). The psalmist King David wrote: "The fool has said in his heart, 'There is no God.' They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good." — Psalms 14:1 (KJV)

Under the atheist worldview, there is no logical basis for objective morality or ultimate meaning and purpose.[4]

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Articles related to atheism and sexual immorality:

Denmark is the third most atheistic country in the world and the website reports that 43 - 80% of Danes are agnostics/atheists/non-believers in God.[5]

In 2009, Suzanne Ost reported in her book published by Cambridge University Press, that the child pornography material produced in Denmark (and Holland) still constituted the largest part of child pornography that was currently available, having been transferred into digital format and uploaded onto the internet.[6]

Articles related to atheism and uncharitableness:

Atheism and alcohol abuse:

Atheism and illegal drug use and addiction:

Atheism and violence/oppression:

A beggar in Cambodia. In Cambodia, the vast majority of the population adheres to a nontheistic form of Buddhism called the Theravada school of Buddhism.

A comprehensive study by Harvard University professor Robert Putnam found that religious people are more charitable than their irreligious counterparts.[7]

Atheism and unsportsmanlike conduct:

Atheist hypocrisy:

Atheism and pride

Atheism and intolerance:

Atheism and bitterness/anger/resentment/unforgiveness:

Joseph Stalin, the Premier of the Soviet Union from 6 May 1941 to 5 March 1953, patronised the League of Militant Atheists, whose chief aim, under the leadership of Yemelyan Yaroslavsky, was to propagate militant atheism and eradicate religion.[8]

Atheism and lying:

Atheism and envy/covetiousness:

Atheism and slavery/forced labor:

Protestant work ethic vs. work ethic in many atheistic countries:

Articles related to atheism and gluttony/sloth:

Sweden is one of the most atheistic countries in the world.[5]

In Sweden, 81 percent of women said they had been harassed at some point after the age of 15 - compared to the EU average of 55 percent.[9]

See: Irreligion and domestic violence

Atheism and sexism:

Atheism and poor marital/family relationships:

Irreligion and crime:

Atheism/agnosticism and racism

In response to the question, "Why is incest wrong?", the atheist Lawrence Krauss said, "It's not clear to me that it is wrong."[10] See: Atheism and incest

Atheism and the mistreatment of animals:

Atheism and cannibalism:

Atheism and unreasonableness and willful ignorance:

Autumn foliage is one of the many of examples of beauty in God's creation. See also: Argument from beauty

Atheism and cowardice

Atheism and suicide

Atheism and apathy:

Atheist organizations and dysfunction:

New atheism and morality

Marquis de Sade quote

"Imperious, choleric, irascible, extreme in everything, with a dissolute imagination the like of which has never been seen, atheistic to the point of fanaticism, there you have me in a nutshell, and kill me again or take me as I am, for I shall not change.” - Marquis de Sade[11]


The atheist PZ Myers declared: "I am so, so tired of hearing about atheist scandals and scumbaggery."[12]

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  • Immorality and pride, the great causes of atheism a sermon preach'd at the cathedral-church of St. Paul, January the 8th 1697/8 : the first of the lecture for that year, founded by the Honourable Robert Boyle, Esq. / by John Harris, Publisher: BiblioBazaar, 2011 ISBN 1240832273, 9781240832279 [1]

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