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Jeffrey McCall (1988-) from Franklin Springs, Georgia had been an activist pushing for transgender "rights". He formerly lived as a trans "woman," dressed as a woman, went by the name “Scarlet” and even prostituted his body. McCall saw a psychiatrist and was about to begin a series of gender transitioning surgeries, but then experienced what he now portrays as transformation, "an encounter with the Lord." Consequently, he threw all his former "very promiscuous" life (including "the clothes, the hair, the make-up, the jewelry, the shoes, [his] whole identity"), from days when he was caught up in the LGBT movement, away.[1] He identified as a gay (from ages 15 to 27) and transgender (from ages 27 to 29) for approximately 15 years, but now he is organizer of the Freedom March, an event proclaiming freedom of all kinds of sexual identity issues.[2]

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