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Jeremy D. Silman is an American International chess master[1][2] and former coach of the United States junior chess team, who famously created the Harry Potter chess scene, Wizard's Chess in the Warner Bros. Entertainment motion picture adaptation of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.[3] He was born on August 28, 1954, in Del Rio, Texas, USA.[4]

Silman is a bestselling chess author of the award-winning popular chess book How To Reassess Your Chess.[5] As of 2014, Silman remains one of the only American chess masters to have won and held at any one time the American Open, the National Open, and the U.S. Open.[6]

From 2002-2003, Silman worked as a chess consultant for HBO on Arliss, Malcolm in the Middle, and Monk.

In 2014, Silman gave an authoritative endorsement with Glenn Beck, The Blaze and math professors from Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for Yamie Chess, a math learning game that supports children's intellectual development in K-8 grades.[7][8][9]