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Yamie Chess is a math learning game based on classic chess, that is endorsed by Glenn Beck[1] and designed by U.S. teachers[2] for elementary and middle school children who need extra help (or are struggling) in school math. It launched at the American International Toy Fair in February 2014 where the Newark Christian Examiner, Brian Madrid, covered Yamie Chess' worldwide debut in New York City.[3]


The Yamie Chess math toy was originally created by a group of graduate math and science educators from MIT, Stanford and Caltech in collaboration with 2-time United States chess champion Jennifer Shahade.[4]

Yamie Chess' principle creator, U.S. chess champion Jennifer Shahade, had previously written an Op-ED[5] in the New York Times regarding chess and education and saw Yamie Chess as a means to support intellectual achievement in children, by working with professional math instructors.[6]

Endorsed and sold by Glenn Beck's The Blaze,[7] Yamie Chess holds the public support of Harvard[8] and MIT[9] math experts as well as American International Master of chess, Jeremy Silman.[10]

National Recognition

In 2014, Yamie Chess won endorsement as a Best Education Pick from School Library Journal.[11] According to Fox Business,[12] the Yamie Chess learning aid is manufactured in Michigan, USA.

Educational Gameplay

The math toy is comprised of a classical chess game board and partner math comic written by experienced U.S school teachers and aligned to the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Curriculum Focal Points and a set of coloring pencils. The math game suits children from 5 to 14 years of age, and supports a wide range of chess and math abilities from beginners to intermediate and advanced.

While playing the game and coloring the math book, children must work their way through the math learning layouts and solve the related problems. In the process, kids learn chess, develop their math skills all the while re-enacting a famous chess game from the nineteenth century which is woven through the story.[13][14]

Children in Title 1 and Academic Intervention programs have also benefited from the game, which sourced input from a State of Arizona Academic Intervention program specialist, Mrs. Jena Phillips, MEd.[15]


  • Mom's Choice Gold Seal Recipient [16]
  • US child psychologist Dr Stevanne Auerbach's Dr Toy Best Vacation Toy [17]


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