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José Piñera

José Piñera Echenique, father of the Private Pension system.
Countries that applied José Piñera's private pension system.

José Piñera is a Chilean right-wing economist that worked for the Augusto Pinochet regime. He created the first Individual capitalization system of the world, which was replicated in many countries. He is one of the brothers of Sebastián Piñera.

As Minister of Labor and Social Security of Chile (1978-1980), Dr. José Piñera was the architect of Chile's successful private pension system.

Now, Dr. Piñera promotes all over the world the creation of pension systems based on personal retirement accounts. He does so with complete independence.

Dr. Piñera holds a Master and a Ph.D. degree in Economics from Harvard University and previusly studied in the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, has published numerous articles and has written eight books.

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