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Las Vegas Strip is an area of Las Vegas that has one of the highest concentrations of hotels and entertainment in the world. It is probably the most expensive 4 miles in the world. Its all-night lighting is visible from many miles away as it stands out in the desert. It has a reputation of decadence and immorality.

Strictly speaking, "the Strip" is the portion of Las Vegas Boulevard between Russell Road and Sahara Avenue, which is slightly more than 4 miles in length.

Churches are as successful near the Strip as businesses are, as many tourists and employees worship at the end of the week as much as they do otherwise during the week.

Cannabis smoking is illegal on the Strip because the casino and hotel companies do not want the pungent smell of pot everywhere. However, law enforcement of this rule against outdoor pot-smoking is reportedly not always strict.[1]

Water use

"The Las Vegas Strip only consumes about 1 percent of all water allocated to the state from the Colorado River."[2] Golf courses are a substantial consumer of water in Nevada and Wynn Las Vegas is removing its 130-acre golf course.