List of atheist and agnostic pseudosciences

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In the both the physical sciences and social sciences atheism has had a negative effect on science (see: Atheism and science).

Some of the most notable examples of atheistic/agnostic pseudosciences that exist or have existed within the physical science and social science communities are:

Physical sciences

None of these are actually about religion, atheism, or agnosticism, though people of various religious persuasions, including atheism and agnosticism, often take strong positions on these scientific subjects.

Medical sciences

See: Atheism and medicine (Traditional Chinese medicine)

Social sciences


Postsecularism and science

See also: Desecularization

Postsecularism refers to a number of theories concerning the persistence or resurgence of religious beliefs or practices in the present.

The Science Recorder declared in 2015:

Science and religion are often presented as opposing world views, but a recent study in the American Sociological Review published Jan. 29, suggests that for some Americans, this binary construction (i.e. science vs. religion) is a false dichotomy.

Authors Timothy O’Brien, an assistant professor at the University of Evansville and co-author Shiri Noy, an assistant professor of sociology at the University of Wyoming, call these Americans the “Post-Seculars,” and were surprised to find that one in five Americans belongs to this group, a sizable number given that most of these individuals have gone “unnoticed before in endless rounds of debates pitting” science against religion.

According to O’Brien, “[The Post-Seculars] are pretty knowledgeable and appreciative about science and technology but…are also very religions and reject certain scientific theories.”[1]

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  1. Study discusses emerging trend in science-versus-religion debate: Post-Secularism by Chiamaka Nwakeze | Science Recorder | January 30, 2015