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Mad is a humor magazine for older children and teenagers that was published for 67 years until July 2019, after which it merely published reprints. Since the 1950s it has provided horror and satire, often poking fun at the hypocrisy and foolishness of adults. Mad magazines ridicules more liberal icons than the mainstream media does.

Political correctness and liberal censorship may have contributed to its demise, as it generally became unacceptable to the liberal media to mock liberals to a young audience. Some of MAD's final issues focused on mocking Donald Trump, without much success. Addictions by boys to video games may have also reduced MAD's potential customer base.

The first Mad magazine was published by Harvey Kurtzman and William M. Gaines in 1952. It was called Tales Calculated To Drive You Mad and was a parody on superhero-comics. Mad has brought awareness of consumer hype, alcoholism and drug abuse, as well as the futility of age-old feuds such as the Arab-Israeli conflict. Since 1956 the mascot of the magazine has been Alfred E. Neuman, a grinning boy with a missing tooth and protruded ears. He is seen on every Mad magazine-cover since this day. Famous authors and signatories of Mad are Dave Berg, Al Jaffee, Don Martin and Sergio Aragonés. Typical rubrics are the Fold-in pictures, Spy vs. Spy and "Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions".

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