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Maafa21 is a film that documents black genocide in America. A story from Life Dynamics that takes place 150 years ago after the slaves were freed by President Lincoln in the Civil War, a group of racist elitists set in motion a plot to exterminate the black population. The name Maafa is translated as 'disaster' and refers to the 500 years of African genocide when rival tribes sold their brothers into slavery, when colonial armies abused the native populations. The name Maafa21 refers to the 21st century genocide of the black population through abortion and Eugenics.

Wikipedia has used liberal-biased and racist arguments against the film in an attempt to discredit it in the site's article on Maafa21,[1] calling black genocide a "conspiracy theory", claiming that the movie "misuses statistics to induce in the viewer a fear of birth control and abortion" while the article uses politically-biased and questionable "sources" in its argument, claiming that the movie "alleges" that the eugenics movement targets blacks (and in making its claim of an allegation by the movie, the article implicitly denies that any such thing ever happened, even though the use of Planned Parenthood for targeting blacks for abortion is well documented,[2][3][4] a fact which the article conveniently ignores), attempts to deny that Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger was a racist in spite of well-documented statements proving otherwise,[5][6][7] and even uses claims by critics of "countering" the movie's points (including a false claim that Adolf Hitler "banned" birth control and abortion in Germany after the Nazi Party came to power, ignoring that Hitler favored the use of abortion for the purpose of eugenics and racial cleansing against Jews, the handicapped and all "non-Aryan" people[8][9]) and claims that Maafa21 "presents a false depiction of Sanger's views and works" while giving no legitimate reasons for that claim.



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