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May 31

As Conservapedia approaches 10,500 entries, who will be the next Sysop? See the contestant page [ here].

Protesters take to the streets in Venezuela as freedom of speech is taken apart by leftist dictator Hugo Chavez: [1]

May 29


Congratulations to everyone as we pass this milestone! Conservapedia has grown tremendously since its beginning on November 22, 2006. We greatly appreciate all the people who have contributed to this site!'

A new Arabic public school is set to open in New York City this fall, with almost no public debate. "This is not a tentative decision. The school will open at this site in September." See NY Sun article here.

New Creation Museum opened featuring God's creation, and evolutionists don't like it: [2]

"Polls consistently show that nearly half of Americans believe God created humans in their present form less than 10,000 years ago. Only about 13 percent believe God played no part in the origin of human life."

A new report on the liberal-promoted HPV Vaccine reveals that "three deaths were related to the vaccine. One physician’s assistant reported that a female patient 'died of a blood clot three hours after getting the Gardasil vaccine.' Two other reports, on girls 12 and 19, reported deaths relating to heart problems and/or blood clotting." See here.

The New York Times laments that the Supreme Court admitted, for the first time, that abortion may be harmful to the mother. "But last month's Supreme Court decision upholding the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act marked a milestone for a different argument advanced by anti-abortion leaders .... They say that abortion, as a rule, is not in the best interest of the woman; that women are often misled or ill-informed about its risks to their own physical or emotional health; and that the interests of the pregnant woman and the fetus are, in fact, the same." See here.

Dems OK largest tax increase in the planet's history. [3]

Fox News reports on a poll indicating that "1 in 4 U.S. Young Muslims OK With Homicide Bombings Against Civilians" to defend Islam. See article here.

Roger Williams University forces students to watch Al Gore's movie in order to graduate! "[W]e should stop calling these schools 'bastions of knowledge' since they're really bastions of leftist thought," one student observed. See story here.

Democrats onboard for endless troop committment, activist in a furor [4]

Pelosi's 100 Days: Ethics Reform stalled, sellout on Iraq, Pork projects proliferate [5]

May 27

MSNBC's Keith Olbermann: Democratic Leadership has Betrayed America. [6]

May 25

Congratulations to the teenagers who just completed our college level course in Economics! Here is the Final Exam, and you can comment on the final exam here.

Florida doctor convicted of providing material support to treat Al Qaeda terrorists so they could return to Iraq. [7]

HPV vaccine sends five Australian girls to the hospital. Prior stories here have explain why this vaccine has been widely rejected for mandatory use in the U.S. Doesn't this Australian college check Conservapedia? See article here.

May 24

The winner of the Sysop contest is Will N. He has the most new entries, and has been on the site for the longest period of time. He's the most experienced and has shown tremendous teamwork. Another Sysop will be promoted when Conservapedia’s entry count reaches 10,500. To read more and nominate yourself or another user, click [[Conservapedia:Sysop contest|here]].

Check out Wikipedia®'s entry for "duh": "Duh is an American English slang exclamation that is used to express disdain for someone missing the obviousness of something. For example, if one read a headline saying 'Scientific study proves pain really does hurt' or 'New reports show death is bad for one's health', the response might be 'Well, duh!'" Its new slogan: Wikipedia: Well, duh!

May 23

Newt Gingrich tells grads at Liberty University to challenge radical secularism: [8]

Who will be promoted to Sysop status when 10,500 entries are reached? To read more and nominate yourself or another user, click [[Conservapedia:Sysop contest|here]].

"Left in Control of Wikipedia," see here. "Articles about politically delicate subjects such as the war in Iraq, the dismissal of seven U.S. attorneys, and Republican politicians and conservative organizations have been turned into hatchet jobs."

Planned Parenthood threatens student reporter with lawsuit for exposing possible wrongdoing at the abortion mill. [9]

Conservapedia is in the news yet again! See here.

Another neoconservative failure as Paul Wolfowitz resigns as the chief of the World Bank here. Memo to President George Bush: appoint some real conservatives.

Michael Moore challenged Fred Thompson to a health care debate after Thompson criticized Moore's trip to Cuba and Moore implied that Thompson's cigars violate the trade embargo. Thompson's powerful response, cigar in hand, is here.

Conservapedia nears 10,000 entries!!!

Congratulations again to the last winners of the Sysop contest: Bohdan and Joaquín Martínez. Who will be promoted when 10,000 entries are reached? To read more and nominate yourself or another user, click [[Conservapedia:Sysop contest|here]].

May 22

Oregon Court rules against a charter school because parents were going to provide some volunteer instruction. See opinion here. 1450 students sought to enroll in this school, but the Oregon Dept. of Education refused to release the funding.

Another illegal alien criminal in the news, and this time a deputy sheriff is dead: [10]

Former president Jimmy Carter says he was "careless" in his choice of words: [11]

May 21

A German prosecutor demands that parents be jailed for homeschooling their children. The law is a holdover from Nazi Germany. See article here.

Hugo Chavez demands that Pope Benedict apologize for saying the Roman Catholic Church purified Indians in Latin America. Chavez called the treatment of Indians after Christopher Columbus landed in 1492 a "holocaust". See article here.

May 20

Local story: Illegals about to be deported from Tennessee, but only after the kid was arrested for bringing the gun to school: [12]

May 19

Conservapedia has reached 9,700 entries! Oops, now it's 9,800!

Bohdan’s work has been very high quality, and he has made over 1600 contributions to Conservapedia. Joaquín Martínez has nearly single handedly written over fifty superb articles which have strengthened many of the weaker areas of our encyclopedia. It was impossible to decide which of these two users is better, and so, due to their high quality contributions, the winners of the Sysop contest are Bohdan and Joaquín Martínez. Congratulations to both of them! Another Sysop will be promoted when Conservapedia’s entry count reaches 10,000. To read more and nominate yourself or another user, click [[Conservapedia:Sysop contest|here]].

May 18

Rupert Murdoch, the owner of Fox News, now sides with Al Gore and commits himself and his media outlets to the liberal cause of global warming.[13] In 2006, his New York Post endorsed Hillary Clinton for Senate.

Minnesota discriminates against a blind man by refusing him a gun permit here.

The Reverend Jerry Falwell is now with the Lord.

Rev. Falwell collapsed at work at Liberty University, which he had built for decades, at the age of 73.[14]

In this article, the Discovery Institute is the latest to demonstrate Bias in Wikipedia.

Memorial to the Victims of Communism Foundation to be dedicated June 12th.

May 17

Conservapedia Sysops recommend the free Firefox browser for use on this site for its superior security and spellchecking features. However, this site's software works with other browsers also.

May 16

Planned Parenthood urges minor to lie about her age to illegally obtain abortion.[15][16]

Gun prank by public school elementary teachers terrify students on a field trip. "The children were in that room in the dark, begging for their lives, because they thought there was someone with a gun after them," said Brandy Cole, father of one victimized child. "After the lights went out, about 20 kids started to cry, 11-year-old Shay Naylor said. 'I was like, 'Oh My God,' ' she said. 'At first I thought I was going to die. We flipped out.'" Our tax dollars at work here[17][18].

Bias in Wikipedia has a new entry about its desire to become even less receptive to the Judaeo-Christian tradition.

May 15

It's not in Disneyland that this mouse is preaching terror: [19]

Voters in Texas will act today as to whether or not individuals illegally in this country get to rent apartments [20]

Liberal falsehood of the day: HPV Vaccine is not very effective after all. After liberals insisted on mandatory HPV vaccination to prevent cervical cancer caused by sexual diseases, researchers now report that "it reduced the incidence of cancer precursors by only 17 percent overall."[21]

May 14

Up to a million conservatives protest in Rome today against a proposal to recognize gay couples, according to the Italian report here. But AP bias chops that number down to merely thousands for American readers here.

Oklahoma Supreme Court dismissed a lawsuit seeking to force taxpayers to spend (waste) more money on public schools.[22]

On Friday, the Bush Administration stood up to feminists who demand the gender quota proportionality test in college sports under Title IX. That test typically requires the same percentage of girls on sports teams as are enrolled in the college, which can exceed 60%. Some quotes from the USA Today article:

"There are a lot of little girls out there that want to play, but there are a lot of little girls that don't," commissioner Jennifer Braceras told the panelists. "There are still very many girls that don't want to play. The law can't change that. You can't force people to do something they don't want to do."

"Men obviously watch sports on television, and women not to the same degree," commission vice chairman Abigail Thernstrom said.

"Thernstrom went so far as to question the degree of Title IX's impact, arguing that independent societal changes have made women more interested in playing sports. Thernstrom said [that the left-leaning] Samuels and Sweet have 'got this 1950s image in their minds' of a society in which women are not empowered and need help making their decisions.'"

Bias in Wikipedia describes how Wikipedia now criticizes entries that do not take "a worldwide view."

May 11

Rudy Giulani says he was giving for adoption

Liberal falsehood of the day: Rudy Giuliani now claims that he gave money to Planned Parenthood to increase adoptions.[23] This former supporter of George McGovern[24] must know that Planned Parenthood does far more abortions (nearly 200 times more) than it refers for adoptions. See here.

A question for all those supporting the 12 million-plus individuals illegally in this country: Which one is the terrorist? [25]

Another conservative victory: Texas Governor Backs Down From Mandatory Vaccination. See here (This was one of Conservapedia's initial stories).

Gun control loses again in D.C.: yes, the Constitution does protect an individual right to bear arms. See breaking story here.

Global warming hysteria reached new heights with the serious broadcast in America of a hoax report that the Australian Government was drawing up secret plans to evacuate more than half the country's 20 million citizens, due to the ongoing drought. An Australian commentator responded:[26]

...the real moral is that global warming fear-mongering is now so shameless and grotesque that otherwise sane people are prepared to believe half our nation is about to head for the boats.

May 10

Conservapedia is number one on the top German newspaper's website! Read its story and all the feedback in German here. Now, if Germany can just legalize homeschooling ...

May 9

Pro-abortion, anti-gun, pro-gay-unions Rudy Giuliani drops to second place, and nearly to third place, in latest New Hampshire presidential poll.[27]

Homeschooling is illegal in Germany, and this girl was abducted by police and placed in a foster home because her parents homeschooled her. Now 16, she escaped from her foster home and went back to her parents. Exclusive interview is here.

"One can read wikipedia's entry on conservapedia and conservapedia's entry on wikipedia to get a good idea of each site's perspective on the other."[28]

May 8

When the number of new entries identified on the opposite side of this page surpasses 9,700 and again when we surpass 10,000, then Conservapedia will promote its best editor to be the next Sysop.

Rare Conservapedia rule clarification: it is appropriate to cite or quote Wikipedia to illustrate the liberal view of an issue.

6 Jihadists arrested in plot to attack Fort Dix, as announced by the US Dept. of Justice. [29]

Actor and conservative presidential candidate Fred Thompson could have a new problem: a columnist is hinting he might be called a racist because he played one on TV! [30]

Tomb of King Herod found near Jerusalem: [31]

Conservatives grow stronger in the Episcopal Church on the issue of homosexuality: "The [conservative] Anglican archbishop of Nigeria, Peter J. Akinola, on Saturday installed Bishop Martyn Minns of Virginia as the new leader of a diocese that would take in congregations around the country that want to leave the Episcopal Church. In doing so, Archbishop Akinola rejected requests by leaders of the worldwide Anglican Communion and the Episcopal Church to refrain from taking part in the ceremony." See NY Times article.

More campus hostility to religion: a college professor is about to be fired for simply emailing George Washington's Thanksgiving Proclamation the day before that holiday. [32]

Conservative Nicolas Sarkozy wins the French presidential election!!! The socialist Ségolène Royal just conceded defeat, by a 53-47% margin here.

Paris is on riot alert as left-wing radicals are furious that Sarkozy won.[33]

Analysis of this result: The beauty of conservatism has defeated the beast of socialism!!!

May 7

Another despicable case of political correctness: a college professor is about to be fired for simply emailing George Washington's Thanksgiving Proclamation the day before that holiday. [34]

The Washington Post reports that a college teacher "asked his students to write letters urging state legislators to support adoptions by same-sex couples. Emily Brooker, then a junior majoring in social work, objected that the assignment violated her Christian beliefs. When she refused to sign her letter, she was hauled before a faculty panel on a charge of discriminating against gays." See here.

May 6

Liberals oppose a legal right to life for unborn children, but demand legal rights for chimps: [35]

ABC News discusses Conservapedia here. But this story cannot be found in a search of Google News.

"53% of college faculty said that they have cool/unfavorable feelings toward Evangelical Christians. Faculty feelings about Evangelicals are significantly cooler than any other religious group .... These negative feelings are noted across academic disciplines and demographic factors." See the survey here.

May 5

GOP Debate question: who favors a national ID card?

Yes: Giuliani, Mitt Romney, McCain
No: Ron Paul, Brownback, Tancredo

Wikipedia links favor the for-profit Wikia project of its co-founder Jimmy Wales, according to this explanation.

Wikipedia's co-founder overruled a vote of 61% to 39% by the Wikipedia community to remove the nofollow (Google-ignored) tags for all links. This keeps the nofollow (Google-ignored) tags for most links other than the links to the for-profit Wikia, which now enjoys favored status as a result.

Reactions include: "good digging. It’s time that someone points out the huge conflict of interest between wikia and wikipedia. It goes much deeper than this." (by wikihater)

"A 61% to 39% decision to abolish the no follow tag is quite decisive. Those in power (Wales) does appear to financially benefit from this decision." (JasonM)

Our list just keeps growing at Bias in Wikipedia.

May 3

New York Times continues its downward spiral. "New York Times Co. Chairman Arthur Sulzberger Jr. acknowledged shareholder frustrations at the company's annual meeting Tuesday, where investors delivered another rebuke to the newspaper company's financial performance by withholding 42 percent of their votes for four directors."[36]

View the 5-year decline of this liberal paper here.

This decline is no mystery, when this paper runs absurd liberal stories like this one: "Study of N.B.A. Sees Racial Bias in Calling Fouls."[37]

Obama questioned over debate flub. [38]

May 2

Don't like pedophiles? We don't, and neither does Miss America: [39]

False alarm: The 'hate crime' that wasn't, after police investigated further. Gay activists have to call off their march. Full story here.

"No sign of Castro on May Day in Cuba" and experts now doubt he'll ever return to full power, according to this article. How soon can Cuba begin to have some freedom?

Al Qaeda has every intention of getting their hands on a nuke...and using it on the U.S. [40]

High probability of terrorist attacks predicted, according to this news article: [41]

"Terrorist attacks worldwide shot up more than 25 percent last year, killing 40 percent more people than in 2005," says this report.

In the United States, Democrats fear the gun issue, and no Democratic presidential candidate or congressional leader called for gun control after the Virginia Tech massacre. "Only two candidates said anything about guns, and that was to support the right to have them," laments the pro-gun-control British Economist magazine. What that magazine won't report is that guns save more lives than they kill, and where there are more guns, there is less crime, as discovered by John Lott.

Former CIA chief George Tenet's says in his new book, At the Center of the Storm, he was "frustrated during the Clinton administration because Attorney General Janet Reno had ruled that a CIA plan to assassinate Osama bin Laden was illegal." [42]

In a report to Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the Justice Department made 2,181 applications to the FISA Court to conduct spying within the United States. [43]

May 1

Castro has not been seen in public since July 26, 2006![44]