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Richard Dawkins said about vegetarianism/veganism: "[It] leaves me in a very difficult moral position…".[1]

New Atheism is a rhetorically militant form of atheism.

In 2015, the new atheist Sam Harris said:

“…the fact that I participate in a system that does this knowingly (animal factory farming) more or less condemns me as a hypocrite… We are two people who have admitted to participating in a system that is not only in some sense objectively bad, but perhaps so bad as to be the kind of thing that would be on the short list as to be an embarrassment to our descendants.”[1]

At the present time, despite a 2016 Salon article entitled New atheists must become new vegans: Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins and the extra burden on moral leaders, the new atheist Sam Harris is the only notable new atheist who has become a vegetarian.[1] Harris said he "aspires" to be a vegan.[1]

The new atheist Richard Dawkins stated about vegetarianism/veganism:

[It] leaves me in a very difficult moral position… I think you have a very strong point when you say that anybody who eats meat has a very strong obligation to think seriously about it and I don’t find any good defense. I find myself in exactly the same position as you or I would have been, well probably you wouldn’t have been but I might have been, two hundred years ago […] talking about slavery… I think what I’d really like to see is people like you having a far greater effect on, I would call it, consciousness raising and trying to swing it around so it becomes the societal norm not to eat meat.[1]

Richard Dawkins is a meat eater.[2]

Steven Stankevicus, the author of the aforementioned Salon article New atheists must become new vegans: Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins and the extra burden on moral leaders, wrote in response: "'People like you'? How about people like Richard Dawkins?".[1]

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Richard Dawkins' high blood pressure and his lack of a vegan diet

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According to Harvard Health publishing which is under the Harvard Medical School:

People who follow a vegetarian diet tend to have lower blood pressure than their meat-eating counterparts, according to a study in JAMA Internal Medicine. Vegetarians avoid meat and eat mainly plant-based foods like vegetables, fruits, grains, and legumes (beans and peas). Some include dairy products and eggs (and in this study, fish) in their diets.[3]

Due to his chronic high blood pressure, Richard Dawkins has been repeatedly warned by his doctors to avoid controversies.[4][5][6]

The new atheist Richard Dawkins has a reputation for being an angry, aggressive and abrasive man (see: Richard Dawkins and anger and Abrasiveness of Richard Dawkins).

According to Glenn Gandelman, MD, "A recent study indicates that angry men have higher blood pressure and increased risk of heart disease.[7] PubMed has numerous studies relating to anger and high blood pressure.[8][9]

Despite the medical advice of his doctors, Dawkins had a very active Twitter presence before his minor stroke (with a number of Twitter controversies) and numerous public controversies (see: Richard Dawkins and women and Elevatorgate and Richard Dawkins and Islamophobia accusations).[10]

Dawkins has accumulated over 30,000 Twitter tweets.[11] The Independent reported, "Dawkins also admitted he wasn't very good at managing Twitter and the strong reactions his posts tend to provoke. 'Twitter is very difficult medium to handle,' he said. 'I’m not much of a diplomat.'"[12] However, after his stroke, in May 2016, Dawkins gave up posting on Twitter for a while and the tweets that appeared in his name were done by his staff.[13] See: Richard Dawkins and Twitter

In 2013, Martin Robbins wrote in the New Statesman concerning the public persona of Dawkins: "Increasingly though, his public output resembles that of a man desperately grasping for attention and relevance..."[14]

Atheist Hemant Mehta reported about Dawkins' stroke and Dawkins' report that he had been once again invited to the conference:

It was the result of stress-related higher blood pressure, which he says he may have had as a result of recent controversy, including being booted from the NECSS conference. He added, however, that on February 5, he received a letter from conference organizers apologizing for disinviting him and asking him back to the conference.[15]

In December 2016, Dawkins appears to have started to Tweet again despite his doctors warnings to avoid controversy (For example, he tweeted that Britain had become a "nasty little backwater" after the Brexit vote and his Tweet drew fierce criticism).[16][17][18]

New Atheism leadership's problem with excess weight and a vegan/vegetarian diet

PZ Myers in 2006.

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A vegetarian/vegan diet can help with weight loss efforts.[19]

The term New Atheism which first appeared in the November 2006 edition of Wired magazine, is frequently applied to a series of six best-selling books by five authors that appeared in the period between 2004–2008. These authors include Sam Harris, Daniel Dennett, Richard Dawkins, Victor J. Stenger and Christopher Hitchens.[20]

According to medical science, there are a significant number of health related problems associated with being overweight.

Although the New Atheist leaders claim to be pro-science, 3 out of 5 of these atheist men have had issues with being overweight as can be seen HERE and HERE and HERE.

In the late 1990s, Dennet had coronary artery bypass surgery (coronary artery bypass surgery reroutes blood around clogged arteries to enhance blood flow and oxygen to the heart).[21][22] In 2003, a a video at Ted was published featuring an overweight Daniel Dennett. In 2013, a video embedded on a The Raw Story article featured an overweight Daniel Dennett.

In 2010, PZ Myers, who considered himself a New Atheist and dubbed himself the 5th horseman of New Atheism, had health problems related to his heart.[23][24] In 2017, Myers renounced the New Atheism movement.[25]

Myers says he has sympathy for veganism and has been cutting back the amount of meat in his diet.[26]

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New Atheism leaders and unhealthy lifestyles

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