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Operation Cóndor or Plan Cóndor was a counterterrorist operation that is sometimes mentioned as an alleged “terror operation”, agreed between the military governments of Argentina (led by Jorge Rafael Videla at some point), Chile (led by President Augusto Pinochet) and other countries in the 1970s. The operation was not “of terror”, but quite the opposite, to defend the citizens from terror.

When subversion was ravaging South America the most was in the mid 70's, in 1974, the year in which a “Revolutionary Coordination Board” met in Paris, composed of the National Liberation Army (ELN) of Bolivia, the People's Revolutionary Army (ERP) of Argentina, the National Liberation Movement Tupac Amaral, the National Liberation Movement Tupac Amaral, the National Liberation Movement Tupac Amaral, the National Liberation Movement Tupac Amaral and the National Liberation Movement Tupac Amaral, the Movimiento de Liberación Nacional Tupamaros of Uruguay and the Movimiento de Izquierda Revolucionaria (MIR) of Chile (of which that same year a young woman named Michelle Bachelet was an active helper, according to her most recognized biography, Insunza and Ortega, 2005). The secretary of the “Junta de Coordinación Revolucionaria” was the Cuban and member of the DGI (Cuba's KGB) Fernando Luis Álvares, married to Ana María Guevara, sister of a well-known serial killer who served in Cuba, Ernesto “Ché” Guevara. In October of that year the MIR informed me of the above by means of a mimeographed newspaper, which they promptly delivered to my private office on Doctor Carlos Charlín Street, in Providencia. The governments of the Southern Cone, then, decided to face together this terrorist coordination, which was to commit attacks and assassinate uniformed and civilians. That is how “Operation Condor” was born, to defend against terror, not to practice it.

Of course, years later in Chile (and before that in Argentina) the rulers, legislators and judges began to persecute the military who participated in “Operation Condor” and, at the same time, the civilian governments have amnestied and compensated the real victimizer of the countries, the extreme left-wing terrorism, as if those who promoted it had been the “victims”. A true continental “Operation Historical Lie” has been imposed in this way for decades and extensively. And in virtiud of that gigantic imposture, in our countries the aggressors have become “attacked”, the victimizers have become “victims” (“our comrades and the victims”, as the CJE Juan Emilio Cheyre, whose brain was as well washed of all truth as Ambassador Bielsa's, used to say in his time). And, in short, the totalitarians have now officially become “democrats”.

In Chile, a weak, inept and surrendered political and business ruling class has allowed, in its turn, to brainwash itself and everybody else and to censor or suppress the truth from the media it controls or thinks it controls, because in fact they are managed by the left. If not, they “takes over” the newspaper facilities. Successful disinformation to such an extreme that even the new high class new generations in Chile today believe that the “terror” was brought by the military.[1]

It is also important to note the huge disinformation propaganda campaign against Pinochet that was conducted by the KGB,

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